Prepare for Twilight Saga New Moon Release and Costumes

The Twilight series has certainly captured the attention of teenagers around the United States. Thousands of teenagers and even adults have flocked to theatres to see these films. Twilight costumes have also hit the stores and online costume locales with a flourish. It seems a plethora of people want to be Edward Cullen or Bella Swan at costume parties, Halloween, and even for the release of the films.

Two major things are happening with the Twilight Saga in the next little while. The first is the release of the Twilight New Moon DVD. This DVD is being released on March 20th, 2010 at Midnight. This means you can pick up your pre-ordered copy from stores as soon as the hour strikes midnight turning the 19th into the 20th.

What is a little surprising is the release date itself. Most movies are released on Tuesday’s, but it seems fans wanted something a little special! By offering the release on the beginning of the weekend stores are sure to sell hundreds of copies and fans will be able to go home and watch their latest DVD. You still have two days to pre- order your DVD. If you do not pre- order the DVD you might find Saturday morning is too late to get your copy!

The second thing that is happening with the Twilight Saga is the up and coming theatrical release of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Trailers are already being shown for the film in theatres and you can go to the official site to see them. The movie is set to release in theatres on June 30th, 2010. You have just over 3 months until the latest in the series hits the screens. The new movie will pick up in Seattle, with a string of killings. It should also follow very close to the third book in the series.

Bella is getting ever closer to graduation but a string of killings is interfering with life again. Edward is going to have to choose between Edward and her werewolf buddy Jacob. For those who haven’t read the books, we’ll leave out the spoilers, but you can bet the tale will be as good as the first two movies as the stories progress.

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