Prepare for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is coming up soon and New Orleans has already made some announcements for special events. King’s Court Costume Contest is something that goes hand in hand with Mardi Gras. The contest will be held on March 8th in New Orleans downtown at Parc Sans Souci. For those who will be in town you may want to gather your costume now in order to enter. Pre-registration is not needed and there are five categories that will be judged. Pre-school, 6-10, 11-15, adults, and group costumes will all be judged for best theme, most original, and most comical. Groups will be judged for best family group, best adult group, and best adult couple.

You do not have to attend this Mardi Gras contest to have fun with your Mardi Gras costume. Whether you are in New Orleans or another city for the holiday, you can enjoy dressing up in top costumes. Some of the larger cities may also have their own costume contests. If not you always have the option of throwing your own party and hosting your own costume contest.

With Mardi Gras, you have plenty of ideas to choose from including some of the more contemporary carnival costumes. Even if you take a step back in time to French costumes for carnival you will certainly have something entertaining to enjoy.

Consider a King costume from the 1800s or perhaps a Hunchback costume. Anything you choose whether it is a gypsy costume or something more modern to fit your idea of the current Mardi Gras will certainly have the interest of others at your party.

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