I wanted to know if anyone has ever dressed up a child as predator? If so, how did you do it?

Goalie chassis Allows 47mm or 59mm wheels Made of 8000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Includes hardware (10 axels; 10 bolts; 10 spacers) Also includes skate tool with bearing pusher Medium: 227 grams
Brand: LabedaMerchant: Hockey Monkey
.25 cal 26 grains Pointed 150ct With 26 grains of weight, these .25 caliber pellets will knockdown quarry with authority. Use with powerful, magnum spring-piston air rifles and PCP rifles.
.30 caliber 44.75 grains Pointed 100 pellets The 44.75 grain, .30 caliber Predator Polymag premium hunting pellets are a powerhouse of kinetic energy. Combining the hollow head design with the sharp p...
.177 caliber 5.5 grains Wadcutter Lead-free 200 pellets

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