Predator Costume (Completely Homemade)

I’m a 20 year old college student who happened to have some free time on his hands and decided to do something fun. Here is my homemade Predator costume. Everything on it was completely homemade, including the latex mask. It has functional parts as well; the wrist bomb opens up and has a light on the top side, the wrist blades pop out on the right gauntlet with the push of a button, the disc weapon opens and closes, the spear is collapsible/expandable, and the plasma cannon on the shoulder rotates on its own. The materials I used were pretty simple, the most common ones being liquid latex, spray paint, cereal boxes, foam core boards, hot glue, superglue, cream makeup, plaster strips, and any other random pieces of PVC pipe, clay, Tupperware containers, and plastic parts that I could use to make the parts I needed.

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