Power Up With Astroboy Costumes

Astroboy or Atom has been around for many years. He was created in 1952 as a Japanese Manga series and released on television in 1963. The story tells us of a boy robot who can help save the world through his abilities. Much of the robot character is humanized to make him seem like a real boy with special abilities.

Coming out on October 23, 2009 is a 3-D computer animated film based on this hero. Imagi Animation

Studios, the same that worked on TMNT will be providing the look and graphics of Astro Boy. The film has a top cast lending their voices to the characters including Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, and Kristen Bell. The plot will remain close to the original story, while giving us background on the hero. Astro Boy is going to be a newly created robot by Dr. Tenma. The good doctor feels he must replace his son that he lost. The robot unfortunately is unable to live up to the lost boy’s image. He leaves home and joins a rowdy group of kids where he meets Cora.

At this point he also finds himself in the world of robot gladiators. Eventually he returns home to find the evil president is a renegade giant robot who is trying to take over Metro City. It is up to our hero to save the day.

Like Superman costumes or Spiderman costumes, Astroboy Costumes will definitely be popular. A boy hero is one that we cannot resist. It doesn’t matter if it is Batman costumes or a robot hero like Astro Boy. The Astro Boy costume will certainly offer a different look for a hero this year. Much of his costume is red gloves and shoes with black pants. However, you can also opt for the blue shirt to go with the costume. The hair will be reminiscent of the 50’s, but nonetheless perfect for the hero costume.

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