Poison Ivy – a la Uma Thurman


I have long blond hair, so I actually used my own hair to make the Poison Ivy “cones”. I made 2 small pony tails where I wanted the cones (each using about 25% of my hair). I took 2 pipe cleaners – one for each pony – and tucked the ends into the rubber band so it looked like I had 2 loops on the top of my head. Then I hairsprayed my hair and wrapped it around the loops, bobby pinned and tons more spray. Once it felt secure, I sprayed my whole head with a can of red hair spray.


– Plain white bustier without external ribbing (I think this was from Victoria’s secret, but most department stores also have them)

– Plain white “cheerleading” undies (ordered these online.

– green fabric dye

I then dyed both pieces green so they would match


– GLOVES: (if you can find green buy them!) I tried dying white gloves, but unless you can find some cotton gloves the polyester fabric will not take dye – it’s actually quite amazing. I resorted to green fabric paint on white gloves and then painted red finger nails onto the gloves.

– BOOTS: I bought the cheapest thigh high boots I could find in white or a light color. I then bought white thigh high tights and dyed them the same green as the busier and bottoms. I pulled the stockings OVER the boots and let the boot heels poke through the tights. This gave the boots a green color without actually dying the boots.

– IVY: buy a fake ivy plant. Rip off the leaves and attach to strategic places on your costume for flair. I also used 2 leaves to put in my hair.

– MAKE-UP: red lipstick, then red glitter over the lipstick. Green eyelashes.

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