Playboy Bunny Costume

I’d like to see your company manufacture a Playboy bunny costume in pink satin in a plus size. If grommets and drawstring are used to the sides from the waist down, it could be pulled to suit each customer’s size, thus giving it a custom fit!

The same way that hooks are place in 3 rows on the back of a bra, is the way it could fasten at the crotch, thereby making it adjustable to various lengths of torsos.

The cup size could be a D and it could come with a removable pad to make the C cup customer Fill the D cup.

This costume must have the proper satin bendable bunny ears.

The original has a small piece of elastic build into the fabric of the ear’s headband.

The elastic makes it possible to hook the ears onto the neck of a hanger.

The tail hooks on with 3 hooks.

The bars are sewn onto the bodice, and the hook on the tail.

They are positioned in a triangle shape.

One at the top and the other two at the bottom.

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