Pirate wench

Find a good not too expensive costume hat, or red head sash, a bikers nice skull print will work for hair

you might take sash if red off an old dress. Find some pants that are puffy at the knees, You might find teens clothes, extra large can be altered just for costume needs, Find some black comfortable pants, even guys pants if they fit right or just take them up

Sexy Gal find a petal skirt, skirt with a jagged hemline, or white poets blouse, get some gold chains, or get some plastic swords, plastic pretend pistols, or some nice black large leather belts, find some comfortable black flat soled boots. If you have a skirt get a pretty garter. Get an eye patch, find a cute green toy parrot carry that parrot toy in a loot bag, get a little small wood or plastic pirate treasure box and put some of the mardis gras type beads in it, The gaudier the funner, paint a beard or mustache on your chin, buy silly teeth. Ask everyone for candy fer the loot bag

Nice feminine or gauzy skirts that look like a gypsy would wear them would work well, Look at some of your older party duds, revamp them, utilize them the way the garment manufacturer would scream about! a nice lace up bodice or comfortable vest will work well, black, red blue, a bodice that ties up the front, Lace up bodice with a glittery ribbon, Lace your hair with ribbon, braid your hair with ribbons, Get a nice fabric rose, Put it in your teeth and say Pirate Yarghs and Shiver Me timbers

Have Fun and don’t get Shanghaid

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