Pirate Master – Thanks for the pirate costume ideas!

Have you heard of “Pirate Master” the CBS TV show serie?

“Sixteen strangers will be spending over a month together in the close quarters of a pirate ship, vying for rank, privileges, and weekly take of gold dubloons. The stress, the challenges, the strategy, the machinations…”

You can meet the pirate crew here.

Now, you ask us, what does Pirate Master have to do with costume ideas? Well it’s simple enough: you can use to show to get really good adult pirate costume ideas! The TV show clothing designer have done some extensive research to dress up these pirate contestants, so if you are looking to make a pirate costume, you should check the outfits used on Pirate Master. Of course, you might not able to make swords, pirate hats, pirate jewelry, but you can find many pirates accessories on CostumZee, and of course, if you feel lazy, you can always browse our collection of adult pirate costumes like Jack Sparrow costumes!

Doy you think you could be a good pirate? Maybe try to make the next cast of Pirate Master! 🙂

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