Photos: Steampunk Plague Doctor Landstrider Costume

> I was walking up the stairs from the JR Head Office building and basically found myself being charged by this exotic and amazing beast half man, half bird, leather, brass, steam and metal. The best part about this absolutely surreal vision was all the people who just didn’t notice him, or pretended not to notice him! It was hilarious to watch him strike a pose in a shadow, wait a few moments and then stalk off almost enveloping a pram or young couple in his wings. What a power trip! I also got to see him chase kids around, annoy business men and play tag with a bunch of school girls. The artist call his act “nani-sole”, but I know nothing more than this and that the suit is home made. Nani-sole is of course a play on words, nanisore, or “What’s that?!”.


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