Party Like a Plymouth Rock Star

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Spice up your traditional turkey loaf and stuffing with a post-Thanksgiving costume party. Let everyone else shop til’ they drop on Black Friday. This Thanksgiving, party like a Plymouth Rock Star!

Put those leftovers to good use and have pilgrim-style potluck where the guests come dressed as the best of two worlds. Combine the simple settler elegance of Puritan style with a modern twist like a spiked rock star wig worn underneath a pilgrim hat, or a pair of day-glo spandex paired up with the standard Puritan-style costume. Or bling it up a bit with some faux, iced-out jewelry to compliment your costume.Partying like a Plymouth Rock Star isn’t just for adults. Teachers may want to use this theme to modernize Thanksgiving plays, pageants, or re-enactments of the first Thanksgiving with the English settlers and the Native Americans.

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