Paris Jail Costumes…Good or Bad idea?

Sorry Paris, well actually, thank you!

We love Paris Hilton, really, she is a pretty girl, seems naive :), but she’s a nice girl for sure. Poor Paris is spending a little bit of time in jail for some trouble she got into several months ago. Kids out there, please don’t drink and drive and, drive with a license!

Anyway, let’s be honest about it, Halloween being only 4 months away, the idea of a Paris Hilton jail costume came up in our mind. Bad taste, yes maybe, but funny…and there are way worse Halloween costume ideas…like the Michael Jackson costume and mask…ouch!

Come on, get ready to have some fun you girls out there! What do you think of a Paris Hilton jail costume for this Halloween?!! Do you have any good idea for a Paris Hilton prisoner costume?

We are certain these will rank in our top 100 most popular costume ideas by mid-October…let’s wait and see!

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