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How to Create a Dr. Manhattan Costume (Watchmen)


How to Create a Silk Spectre Costume (Watchmen)

Silk Spectre is the only female character from the Watchmen comics. Like her pals Silk Spectre is a somewhat different type of hero. If you have a girl who is into comics you might consider making a Silk Spectre costume for the next costume party. Making a costume can be really rewarding which is why we thought you might be interested in...

How to Create a Night Owl Costume (Watchmen)

The Watchmen are a different sort of comic book hero. This year with the first movie coming out based on the popular DC Comics, your child may want to be one of the characters from the movie. Night Owl is just one of the costumes you can choose from the Watchmen. Below we have details of how you need to create the costume and turn your...

andrew jackson costume

find out ways and ideas on how 2 make a costume of andrew jackson

last minute Tinky Winky costume

you can just get.. 1. full yellow clothing - or a close colour to yellow. 2. put on a yellow beanie 3. get a yellow headband and you can cut some yellow paper, cardboard or anything u want and stick it on to the headband for the annetena's. 4. get a piece of shiny silver paper (A4) ad stick it on ur tummy.

woman/mother/Ida from honk the musical duck costume idea! (alternitive to suit)

I am doing honk the musical and i am working on costumes that are not animal suits but animal-esque so i decided on a white or yellow cotton cotton simple rockabilly dress (50s) you want a plain collar, because along the collar and the hem I i did in eyelets feathers large, they should come down to above bust length, to make them visible use...

How to get a Super Hero Costume without a penny

Step 1: Get a solid color blanket and tie tit aroung your neck. Step 2: Put on pajama pants and a pajama shirt. Step 3: Put on black or white gloves. Step 4: Get paper, cut out eyes and mask shape. Usk tape to stick the mask to yor face. Step 5: Lastly, put on black superhero boots.

How to make a Punk Rock Girl Costume for Cheap

Heres a few simple ways to easily get the cute punk rock girl look for cheap: Step 1: Find a pair of blue or black jeans and ripp holes out of them at the knee area. Or wear a plaid skirt. Step 2: For pockets, get a wallet with a chain. Stuff the wallet in front pocket and back piece in back pocket to look like a punk chain. Step 3:...