Pacman Halloween Costume

Another great find made on Etsy.

>Have the most original costume at the party, and have everyone asking where you got it!

>The entire thing is made of kitten-soft fleece, complete with appliqued felt eyeballs, and a raw edged hem.


World destructor or fun-loving video game icon? Whichever you choose to be this Halloween the officially licensed Pacman Adult Men's Costume. Eat all the pac-dots; humans or candy you want in this ico...
Your child's Deluxe Blinky Pacman Costume for Kids will make lots of adults feel nostalgic for the good old days of gaming. The order features a red jumpsuit, an overshirt that features Blinky's face ...
The Deluxe Pinky Pacman Costume for Kids is perfect for your girl to wear if you want her to learn about classic gaming. This costume order includes a jumpsuit with Pinky's face on it, a skirt, and a ...
Blinky and the other ghosts won't stand a chance against your boy dressed up in the Deluxe Pacman Costume Child. This order features a collection of costume pieces that will make your child look just ...

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