Osama Bin Laden Adult Costume


> Osama Bin Laden Adult Costume – Breaking news! Public Enemy #1 is back from the dead in our funny Osama Bin Laden Adult Costume. The world’s most powerful terrorist mastermind has risen from the depths of the seas to haunt us all once again! Our Osama Bin Laden Costume includes a green camouflage jacket, Afghan robe and a caricature mask. The Osama Bin Laden mask features a bullet hole over the eye and a rocket with USA flag through the turban. It exaggerates the essence of his facial features to create a comical and easily identifiable visual likeness. Everyone can find humor where there was once fear in our funny Osama Bin Laden Costume. The patriotic American is sure to appreciate the comical relief of the terrorist mastermind in our men’s Osama Bin Laden Costume.


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