Original Halloween costume idea: Tintin the reporter

One my favorite graphic novels as a kid was Tintin.

Maybe of you might not know Tintin, but in Europe and especially in French speaking countries Tintin is pretty big. Herg_ɬ©, a Belgium writer, was the creator of Tintin and I am certain that he would really excited to know that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are working on a Tintin movie!

There were 100s of novels I can remember. I know my mom kept the all collection, I should count how many there were. Making one movie is good, but if they find success on the first attempt, then they should make a bunch of movies!

I have a feeling that Tintin and his dog Milou, could become really popular in the US in the next few years, and what does that mean people? Yes, a Tintin costume! So far, there is nothing available, you’d have to put it together, and as i was browsing the Google Image Search, i found a picture of someone who has made a costume that closely resembles Tintin:

Anyway, if you are looking for an original costume idea for Halloween, this is one and I think you can see enough details about the costume to make your own.

What do you think about it? Could Tintin take a spot in the most popular costume halloween costume for 2010-2011?

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