New Halloween movie in the works!

Expected to be released on August 31st 2007, 2 months before Halloween, a new Halloween the movie will haunt movie theaters around the USA! Wondering what it will be about? Well, like most of sequel-sequels lately, it will narrated the story of Michael Myers and how he became the killer he is:

“After young Michael Myers killed his older sister one Halloween night he was committed for 17 years to a mental institution were he soon broke out and is in search for his little sister Laurie Strode as he returns back to his home town Haddonfield and finds his sister she and hers friends must put up a battle to survive as Michael Myers try’s to kill them.” from

At CostumZee, we can already bet that some of the really popular Halloween 2007 costumes and masks will include the Michael Myers

costume, Micheal Myers jumpsuits, Michael Myers masks and accessories such as butcher knives!

So if you want to be popular this Halloween, started saving some of the Michael Myers products in your CostumZee profile!

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