Need Christmas costume ideas? We got new stuff this year!

Oh yeah, we’ve got some new and really cool/unique costume ideas this year for Christmas! Are you ready for it? Ok, let’s get it going so!

Let’s start with Santa, no change here: you’ll find your original Santa suit, in different sizes (up to 2xl), your Santa beard, Santa hat AND your Santa bag of course. But you can also look for Santa blue suits, Santa overalls and even a Santa suit for Sunny weather (for some of you in California!). There are also Santa suits available for children of course, and one of the most popular baby costume: the Tom Arma Santa costume!

To match your your Mr. Santa, madam, check out the classic Mrs santa Claus costume or the sexy Mrs Claus outfits (if you want to spice it up)!

Let’s then look at Elf costumes: you will have some choice here with the classic elf costume, Buddy the Elf costume (and this year you can match Buddy with the brand new Jovi costume!), child elf costumes and sexy elf outfits.

Gingerbread man costumes (from Shrek!) might also big a hit for Christmas too. You will find gingerbread man costumes for adults and for kids (the popular Tom Arma gingerbread man).

Maybe you would like to have some fun and wear a really funny outfit? Are you sure you’re not easily ashamed? Can you handle it? Alright, check out the Grinch costumes and the reindeer costumes! Oh, there is also Mr. Snowman costumes available online….watch out if you wear this one inside, it will get hot but at least won’t melt!

And finally and probably important for school and/or church plays this Christmas, you will find Holiday Classics costumes like Mary, Joseph, Melchior, Shepherd, the 3 Wise men, Gaspar, and Jacob Marley (Scrooge)…plenty to work with there too!

Other unique and exclusives costumes include the Dickens costume, the Toy Soldierette costume and Christmas costumes and accessories for your pet.

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