NCIS “Forensic Energizer Bunny” Costume Idea

The Wiz of the Forensic lab, Abby Sciuto (Actress: Pauley Perrette), has referred to herself as the “ìenergizer bunny”¬ù of forensics in a few episodes. So why not create the perfect “ìAbbs”¬ù costume for this Halloween or your next costume party. The US is gearing up for the return of their favorite shows including NCIS (Navy Criminal Intelligence Service). So grab your microscope, tattoos, and Goth good looks! In fact invite the entire cast of NCIS with Timothy McGee, Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva. Here is your chance to get ahead of General Mass Spec. before it shoots out the information- you can make your own information by creating the Abby Sciuto costume below.

##Material Needed:##

* Tartan Plaid Mini- Skirt

* Black Skull Tee- shirt

* Dog Collar

* Fake Spider Web Tattoo

* Black Platform Boots

* White Lab Coat

* Laptop


Step 1: Abby Sciuto has her own style that you will need to recreate to be this top girl at NCIS headquarters. To begin find a mini skirt in Tartan Plaid. You will need to accessorize this skirt with a Goth style black belt.

Step 2: For the shirt: Any black tee shirt with a skull, NCIS logo, or Goth style should do. Depending on the time of year you need the costume for consider a long sleeve shirt.

Step 3: Over the shirt should be a long white lab coat. You may want to stitch “_ìAbby”¬ù on it or leave it blank.

Step 4: For the shoes you will need black platform boots that go to the knee. They should have buckles on the side, and a zipper.

Step 5: Accessories will help you sell the costume as “_ìAbby”¬ù so make sure to have the Goth jewelry like a spike dog collar and some rings. On the back of the neck a fake or real spider web tattoo is appropriate.

Step 6: Abby tends to stay in the lab, but since you’ll be working in the field don’t forget your laptop and a few forensic props.

Step 7: To finish the costume a black wig may be needed to recreate the short bands, and two side ponytails.

Lastly to complete the Abby Sciuto costume make sure to bring along your very own “_ìCaf Pow!”¬ù How else can you be the Forensic Energizer Bunny, unless you have the right drink along with you?

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