Movies that will influence Halloween 2008

All the big “blockbuster” movies are all out at this point and it is time for a recap and take a look at the potential popularity winner for this Halloween. We had already look at some of them a few months ago, so who’s the winner?

Iron Man – definitely THE winner, $297,918,329 cumulated at the box office (as of today).

The Iron Man costumes have sold like insane for weeks, and now hitting a slow down, but you can expect Iron Man costumes and accessories to sell at a high rate early in the Halloween season, and should become unavailable by mid-September… so don’t wait too long!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – $276,524,265 cumulated at the box office, great success although it did not get full approval from its fans… The Indiana Jones costumes became available only 2-3 weeks before the movie came out, and it has been a gold rush to get them!

We’ve seen a lot of accessories selling as well, such as the Indiana Jones hat, and the reason could be that you can probably find look-like-Indiana-Jones pants and a shirt, but you might need to buy the hat, the whip, the satchel, gun and machete… (find out how to make a indiana jones costume)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – $131,904,474 at the box office. The bestseller, the Prince Caspian costume hasn’t been a huge hit…yet, but let’s wait and see.

Kung Fu Panda – $117,289,932 cumulated at the box office. We can find panda costumes in pretty much all sizes, but you will only find the Kung Fu Panda in children sizes…

The Incredible Hulk – $55,414,050 (1 week so far). The sequel movie seems to have caught the attention of fans with an pretty strong first week in the movie theaters.

This year, Hulk costumes have changed a bit, you can actually search for “hulk 2008” to see the new costumes available this year. If you’re looking for a Hulk costume or mask, you’ll have some choice.

And more upcoming movies…

HellBoy 2 – we’re not sure Hellboy will be a really popular theme this year, surely among its fan base thus.

Batman – the Dark Knight – Batman may not be a Halloween costume bestseller, but you can be sure that the Joker costumes and masks will be really popular, in a well-deserved remembrance of Heath Ledger.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Harry Potter halloween products are always popular, and since the movie is set to appear in the theaters on Nov. 21st, with advertising on TV, magazines and press probably 8 weeks earlier, kids are going to ask for their favorite characters costumes (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Voldemort, etc…)

So what do you think? Have you already thought about dressing up as any those characters?

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