Mother’s Day Celebration: Costumes for the Child in You!

Mother’s Day is a week away, so don’t lose time now begin planning your Mother’s Day event!! Each Mother’s Day it seems families go out for brunch, get a few gifts, and ask their mother what she would appreciate most. The surprise has disappeared from the special day- Now you have a chance to surprise your mother again! Mother’s Day is on May 10th 2009, so with just a week of planning you will have to work fast.

Our idea for this Mother’s Day is a costume party. Costume parties allow our mothers to be the children for the day, having fun, playing around, and just enjoying the family. You have several options open to you regarding the Mother’s Day costume party.

You can elect to have a theme or just tell all your friends and family to come dressed as their favorite character. Edith Ann, Denis the Menace costumes, Charlie Brown costumes, or Dorothy costumes are a few ideas for dressing up. If you are a younger mother you might choose a character from your past. X- men costumes, Women superhero costumes, and many others exist.

Abraham Lincoln CostumeWhen asking my mother what her favorite theme would be for a costume party she told me a historical theme. The premise of the party is to dress up as someone you wish you could meet. Her top three picks were Madame Curie, Amelia Earhart, and Abraham Lincoln. This would mean she would need a Madame Curie costume or Amelia Earhart, while her husband or son would have to have an Abraham Lincoln costume.

But what if all you have is girls in the family? Well consider a mother daughter spa costume party. This could be a Wine and Nail Polish Costume Party! What better way to pamper your mother than having some fun with a girl day. Hey, you might even want to have a two party day. You have a mother daughter day in the morning, with a splashy costume party in the evening for all to attend.

Honoring your mother is the least you can do, especially if you throw in a bit of style!

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