Most Popular Costume Ideas: June 2007 Report

Quick recap to let you all know the most popular costume ideas for the last month of June 2007! No surprise at all, the Blockbuster movies are holding the top spots as the most popular costume ideas. Note that Transformers – the movie – will come out this week and the next Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will in a few months!

Here it is:

Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow & Elisabeth Swann)

Spider-Man & Venom

Fantastic Four & the Silver Surfer

Harry Potter


As you can see, some new trends are showing up slowly such as Princess for June, which tells us that you guys are already starting to look for Halloween costume ideas! July is a great month to start looking up costume ideas as many online stores will push their 2007 Halloween costume collection and offer amazing savings (on sale products) on the 2006 collection. So don’t wait if you want to save a few bucks!

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