Most Popular Costume Ideas: August 2008 Report

This is it, we’re in the last stretch to Halloween! Are you not excited about it? We are! Kids are back to school, everyone’s back to work with their daily routine and the only thing that can keep all of us sane is Halloween coming up in 7 weeks!

A lot has happened this Summer for costume ideas, we’ve seen users searching early this year for movie costume ideas like Batman the Dark Knight & The Joker, Indiana Jones or Iron Man back in June and July.

Lately, we’re seeing the more classic searches surging like couple costume ideas, baby costume ideas or sexy costume ideas.

But what happened last month? What were the top costume ideas on Costumzee. Here was the Top 10.

1. Joker

2. Sexy

3. Disco

4. Plus Size

5. Dark Knight

6. Mermaid

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. Anne Geddes

9. Butterfly

10. Cosplay

Comparing to last year’s August 2007 costume idea report, there is a definite change in the top 5!

August 2007 top costume ideas:

1. Hannah Montana

2. 300

3. Hairspray

4. Transformers

5. Marie Antoinette

if you are an avid reader of our blog (:D) you probably remember that we expected Batman and the Joker to be a big hit this year, one of the most popular Halloween costume for 2008 and this even prior to Heath’s passing… Right on, huh?

No doubt, Hollywood movies take the top spots this year, but surprisingly, Hannah Montana has disappeared… Would Miley have lost her popularity amongst youngsters due to this year’s not-so-good attention she drove to herself? I say, probably.

The Transformers costumes will be really popular again next year as Transformers 2 -Revenge of the Fallen reaches the movie theaters in June 2009… They just come and go!

So here you go. Oh and yeah, get your Joker costume ASAP if you want one, it won’t last.

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