Most Popular Costume Ideas: August 2007 Report

WOW. Another month has gone by…bye bye vacations, it’s time to go back to school, get back in the usual day to day business, not so fun for everybody…Hey, but hold on: we’re only less than 60 days away from HALLOWEEN! Yay!!

Last month was a great month, we have found that you guys are already looking for the best Halloween 2007 costume idea and there is a lot to choose from! So without wasting any more time, let us present you with the most popular costume idea from August 2007!

Hannah Montana costumes

300 costumes

Hairspray costumes

Transformers costumes

Marie Antoinette costumes

80s costumes

Elizabeth Swann costumes

Grease costumes

Sexy costumes

Tom Arma costumes

If you read our blog, you will find almost no surprise in our TOP 10, we expected Hairspray and the 300 to become hot costume ideas this Halloween and it already did happen! Watch out for these, because they will probably get out of stock really quickly as online merchants may have very limited inventories (like the Transformer Optimus costume for instance)!

So what could we expect in September? Probably for babies related costume searches like Tom Arma costumes to gain a few more ranks towards the top of list. Most parents will focus on finding costumes for babies or children before shopping for themselves, which will happen probably early in October.

Keep reading this blog as we’ll be featuring more costume ideas to help you find the perfect Halloween costume!

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