More real superhero costumes auctions!

Want to dress up as Daredevil or Superman for Halloween 2008? Do you have like…hmm let’s see, ~$70,000? That’s the money you’ll need to get yourself the real deal!

These are incredible auctions that will be available on eBay.

The Daredevil costume at

Ben Affleck “Daredevil”¬ù hero costume from Daredevil.

(TCF, 2003) The avenger of justice’s costume consists of a custom blood-red leather jacket with “DD”¬ù insignia and interior padding, custom matching leather pants and boots, leather cowl, gloves, and a custom belt with holster for weapons. Included in the ensemble are “Daredevil’s”¬ù hero full-length cane and three other “closed”¬ù staff weapons of assorted lengths. Costume donated to a charity by a 20th Century-Fox executive.

Price tag? $50000 – $70000

The Superman costume at

Christopher Reeve complete Superman: The Movie costume worn in the filming of Superman I & II.

(Warner Bros., 1978) Christopher Reeve’s complete Superman: The Movie costume consisting of a blue body suit with the famous red and yellow “S”¬ù insignia sewn on and red trunks attached, blue leg tights, yellow belt, red cape with yellow “S”¬ù insignia sewn on, red leather boots with zip-up back Velcro flap closure. Offered here is the complete costume from Reeve’s trademark role as “The Man of Steel”¬ù.

Price tag? $60000 – $80000

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