Mickey Mouse and Transformers Unite for Costume Idea!

Are you looking for a great costume idea that might take a little while to procure? Well we might just have the right thing for you. Disney has just released a new product for Halloween. This product is an action figure with some serious style. The original Mouseketeer is getting

dolled up for Halloween as a Transformer. That’s right!

You’ve got Mickey Mouse dressing up in an Optimus Prime costume including haunting red eyes, spider web wings, googly eyes on his feet, and a jack- o- lantern torso. Okay, so we know it is an action figure being released, but doesn’t it just give you ideas. Think about all the costumes you have to choose from, and what makes them unique. Sometimes combining two popular costumes are the way to go.

Sadly this costume idea with Mickey uniting with Transformers is not going to be a premade deal. You will have to come up with your own how to style costume. Check out Costumzee’s how to section to learn more about our thoughts regarding this superb idea. If transformers doesn’t work for you, a kingdom hearts costume complete with keyblade and Mickey Mouse costumes or Minnie Mouse costumes as the basic part of the costume creation might. You can even choose a bumblebee transformers costume if he’s your favorite.

There is no better way to having fun during Halloween than combing a couple of costumes together to make the most fantastic creation. And hey, if Disney can add a few pieces to Mickey in an action figure why not to your costume! Swoop into save the world this Halloween!

bumblebee transformers costume

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