Miami Vice: Crockett and Tubbs costume ideas

I was watching Miami Vice the movie last night, and although I have heard mixed reviews about it, I was surprised that it did not stink at all!

If you never about it nor heard about the Miami Vice television series, it’s basically the story of 2 Miami cops who go undercover to fight drug trafficking operations. Boy stuff.

It was actually really good, so put it on your Netflix movie list or check if it’s on your TV cable channels, and give it a shot.

While watching, I was thinking that the 2 main characters Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs would make a really good costume idea for 2 guys on Halloween.

So after digging in our immense database of costume ideas, I was able to find it! Check it out below:

Miami vice

Sonny Crockett costumes

Ricardo Tubbs costumes

One small problem is that Crockett is driving a Ferrari…and I bet you don’t have one.

Do they make Ferrari looking covers for Hondas? 🙂

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