Meerkat costumes are in! Finally.

meerkat costumeIf you watch Animal Planet, you know about Meerkat Manor and The Whiskers šŸ™‚ The living story of meerkats surviving in the wild.

This is a really good show, think about it like reality-show meets nature, and it is very entertaining, educational but sometimes sad. I do not watch it religiously, but i find myself switching channels once in a while to see if the little craters are on.

Discover Channel has released a collection of Animal Planet costumes, including, YES you got it right, a meerkat costume! We had, here on CostumZee, a forum discussion going on now for over a year about it, and I am pleased to finally announced that you can buy meerkat costume online at least at one of our online partners.

The Animal Planet costume collection includes: meerkat, lemur, monkey, white tiger and sea otter in both toddler and infant sizes.

Although i love the meerkat costume, my favorite one (which could end up on daughter’s back this Halloween, and yeah she won’t like that :)…) is the lemur costume:

Ok, be honest, how cute is that!?

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