Matador costume for Halloween?

There are many unique Halloween costumes you hear about at some point or see someone wear, but you can’t never remember about it! A story has caught my attention yesterday because it featured a costume idea i think is rare for Halloween, and really original and gives me a good opportunity to write about, and maybe some of you will look into it for this Halloween…

Giorgio Armani has agreed to design a haute couture costume for one of Spain’s top bullfighters to wear at the country’s national fiesta to celebrate the taurine art. (more here)

Nevertheless to less that some of us might agree or totally disagree with the sport, but that’s really not what i am here to talk about…

I think the matador costume is quite similar to the gondolier costume:

gondolier costume

These are costume ideas you won’t find really common at Halloween parties, but they pop out of the costumer’s crowd when you see it!

What do you think?

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