Marvin the Martian

I chose Marvin the Martian for the challenge! To get the proportions correct, I needed a really big helmet/head and really big shoes. So I had to make these as well as the skirt. I used a large (3′) round balloon as the starting point and paper mached it with several layers. Then I added poster board for the side pieces along with 1″¬ù filling pieces to give it some shape. I used the same kind of poster board and filler to make the visor as a separate piece. I covered a little more than half of the helmet with green felt, and the rest with the black. I sewed the inside flap pieces and the piece for the visor with green and gold felt before using Velcro to attach the visor to the helmet. A toilet paper holder and flower foam are covered with brown felt and yellow foam to represent the “_ìbroom”¬ù plume. The eyes are the final touch. The skirt was sewed with the same gold and green felt and filled with the 1″¬ù foam filler and attached to a green felt-covered belt. The shoes were a lot of fun. A large pair of sneakers are duck taped to a heavy cardboard sole. The white fabric is sewed and stuffed with pillow stuffing. The black laces are made of electrical tape and the sole is finished with red duck tape on the edge and bottom. FUN!!!

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