Mario and Sonic on Top for Costumes

With just a little time left before Halloween, you might be scrambling for ideas. A new game by Nintendo has fired out an idea for us. Mario and Sonic have come together in a new video game called “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.”¬ù This is bringing together two of the most beloved characters from video games together. They have to join forces in order to win. It is the first time Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog have ever appeared in a game together.

The video game is being released on Wii and the Nintendo DS. Not only are these two title characters in the games, but Luigi, Knuckles, Yoshi, Tails, and more will be part of the new game. Your favorite character can race against others at the 100m track, high jump or even swim water. Numerous games from the Olympic Summer Games will be part of this fascinating video entertainment.

The game is complete with Olympic sports and events, as well as venues. Wherever the Olympics have been you too can be for archery, skeet shooting, table tennis and gymnastics. There are plenty of game modes with Mario and Sonic to go through the circuit, take a challenge, or go into mission mode. As you play the game you will be able to unlock dream events with power ups and much more.

You have the choice of being on Team Mario or Team Sonic when you play this game. So gear up and get ready. The new game has just lent us new looks for Mario costume and Sonic costume options. Furthermore it brings back some of our favs like the Luigi costume for winning the gold in this Olympics! Who knows maybe next year Mario will need a figure skating costume!

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