Making Plastic armor look metallic

first off depending on what the plastic looks like to begin with there is two things to consider, contrasting colors, and reflection of light.

if it is a dark plastic and you want to make it look metallic like paint has been chipped away this is how you do it.

Step 1:

go to your nearest craft store and buy, black,silver, and bronze paint.

you will also want to grab some paint brushes like those you’d use to paint a portrait.

when you get back take the smallest paint brush and dip it into the silver paint.

Make jagged lines not smooth ones, they differ by how they look, smooth lines are for doing curves and where smooth lines are needed jagged lines are for where you want it too look ripped away. if you’ve never painted before you may want to take a piece of cardboard and try different techniques before commiting to paint some everyone will see.

Step 2:

take the silver paintbrush and make some fine jagged lines seperated by a few inches. then thake the next size above the paint brush you just used and use it to connect the jagged lines to the very edges of the other lines.

Step 3:

wait till those dry.

Step 4:

when they dry take the bronze paint and very carefully paint the edges of the silver painted areas, when it dries it will give it some depth so that it will look like it is metallic under the paint.

Step 5:

after the bronze is dried you can guess what you do with the black, its so that you can touch up on small areas where you just made the chipped pieces so that when you get done with all of it. from a few feet away it will looks as though you have real metal armor, it will look so realistic that some may think you spent a fortune on the armor you’re wearing.

oh the last step it:

Have fun role-playing or doing costume parties whatever you may be doing make sure you have fun because no one wants a stick in the mud when role playing.

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