Make your own Hellboy costume

Hell Boy since the release of the first movie has been a very popular character and costume to have for Halloween or any costume party. If you don’t want to purchase a Hell Boy costume this year we have some tips you can make one from.

##Things you will need:##

* Tan trench coat

* Black pants

* Black tee shirt

* Devil mask

* Cardboard

* Red glove

* Red material or devil tail


Step 1: The largest part of the Hell Boy costume will be the arm. Hell Boy’s right arm is larger than his other. With cardboard you are able to take paint and a cut out shape to form the larger arm. You may need to cut out a pattern or get a picture to make sure the formation is correct.

Step 2: After the arm has been created you will need to grab the black pants and tee shirt. The shirt should be tight and tucked into the pants.

Step 3: Over the main costume you will need the tan trench coat, which should be ankle length. You will also need black boots and a leather belt to go around the waist. You might add a few fake weapons to your belt as well.

Step 4: The left hand will need a red glove to mimic the color of Hell Boy’s skin. You will also want face paint for your neck to make that area red.

Step 5: this last part is adding the Hell Boy mask and devil tail to the costume. You can either purchase the mask or create it from face paint and fake hair. Make sure the mask does have the filed horns to make it authentic. The tail should be almost floor length.

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