MacGruber is next SNL character to hit the big screen.

He makes life-saving inventions out of household materials. He gets in and out of sticky situations. The guy’s a friggin’ genius! Of course, there’s only one man that we can be talking about: MacGruber.

A character designed as a parody of ’80s action-adventure show, MacGuyver, about a secret agent who could make any sort of weapon or create scientific inventions to save the day at the last minute out of any random object at hand, MacGruber is the latest Saturday Night Live character to find himself hitting the big screen.

Played by Will Forte, MacGruber is an ex-special ops man who is called back into action by the government. He assembles a crack team of freedom fighters (played mostly by such WWE wrestlers as Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Kane, The Great Khali, and The Big Show) to take out a German supervillain, played by Val Kilmer.

So far, no officially licensed SNL costumes have been slated for this character and film just yet. However, if you’re jonesing to become a ladies man, scientific genius and sexy everyman, you can cobble together an impressive MacGruber costume like he would, using only a few simple items. Check out our DIY tutorial on How To Make a MacGruber costume.

One of MacGruber’s frequent sidekicks in the SNL skits, Kristen Wiig plays Vickie St. Elmo, MacGruber’s love interest in the film. Try using a blonde feathered wig to get a basis for this costume.

Check out the trailer for MacGruber

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