LOTR Faramir Gondorian Ranger

“Faramir”, the Captain of the Gondorian Rangers, with his bow at the ready. The jerkin is homemade of leather-like material with the emblem of the white tree drawn on with a metallic silver sharpie marker. The padded off-white sleeves are attached to the jerkin and then he is wearing a plain white long-sleeved dress shirt underneath. The jerkin laces up the back with a leather strap. The leather gauntlets for the lower arm were fashioned of the same darker leather material as the jerkin. The black leather gloves were just a pair I have used forever that I let him borrow. The cloak is a lightweight faux suede fabric and was made using an adult pattern (McCall’s 4139) that was sized down to fit my son’s shoulder width and height. The hood is actually from another pattern (Simplicity 5927) and had to be cut taller and wider to accomodate the older child’s size… The “skirt armor” was a piece of green printed cotton that I ran a simple fold-over seam along the top and strung a leather lace through to tie in the front. This ties at the waist just under the jerkin. The boots were purchased at Walmart and are in the “Faded Glory” line and called “3Buckle”. The bow, arrows and quiver were purchased as a set from “Dick’s Sporting Goods”. The belt (at waist) and over-the-shoulder belt were lucky finds at a local thrift shop as was the lovely pin at the neck of the cloak. My son did not want to wear a wig or fake beard–I didn’t make him. I think it all came together pretty well though!

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