Live it up on Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s independence, marked by General Ignacio Zaragoza defeating the French at Puebla in 1862. After having already shrugged off European rule by the Spanish, Mexico wasn’t having any more of a European foothold in their land. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the nation’s resolve towards independence.

In Mexico and other areas of he world (particularly the United States), people of Mexican heritage celebrate the day with dance and song, with ballet folklorico dancers performing to Mariachi music. It’s a day for them to showcase their ethnic pride and celebrate their homeland’s history and triumphs.

In the United States, inside and outside of the Mexican community, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with lots of drinking and merriment. Many local pubs and Mexican eateries have specials in honor of the day. In Vancouver in Canada, a skydiving club holds an annual event. Even as far away as the island of Malta, Maltese people in the Mediterranean honor Cinco de Mayo by drinking Mexican beer. Apparently, Americans aren’t the only ones who bust out the Coronas!

This 5th of May, kick up your heels with Mexican-themed costumes such as Zorro or a masked

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