Live Action GI Joe

_Ǭ†GI Joe is a staple of youth. Ever since the inception of the action figures and comics GI Joe has been popular. The comics provide children with a hero that continually battles Snake Eyes to save his country. On August 7th 2009 GI Joe will become a live action film. In years past animated movies and cartoons have been created, but nothing with live actors has been done. For those who have waited to see favored movies stars in the roles of Duke, General Hawk or Snake Eyes you no longer have to wait. But, is the news all good?

Already the trailers for the movie are being picked about, Hollywood discussions are being made. Snake Eyes has been awarded a silent part, which seems to fit within the cartoons and comics. However, most of the film has been created in digital media with a blue screen for the actors to act in front of. The dialogue may not be witty, but accounts from the set state that Channing Tatum, the man playing Duke laughed on the set in between filming due to the blue screen versus actual action. Comedy was definitely alive when the cameras were off, but will this affect our choices in costumes?

Doubtful, this live action film will bring us some of our favorite animated and comic book characters to the forefront in costume ideas. The first character you may chose to create will be Duke. Duke is the lead GI Joe in the film. He is going to help the military unit take on the evil arms dealer known as Snake Eyes.

General Hawk Costumes and Ripcord costumes are also going to be quite popular. The most involved of the GI Joe costumes will be Snake Eyes costume. The costume will be like ninja costumes hiding the man’s face and identity proving him to be the evil force we remember from the cartoons.

Snake Eyes Costume

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