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Mr Bean Turkey on his Head Costume

I was playing with the new Youtube interface this morning and running some searches when i stumbled on a video from one of my favorite shows as a kid, Mr Bean.

In that Christmas episode Mr Bean is very excited about Christmas and in the process of stuffing his turkey, loses is watch inside the turkey. He then goes on to retrieve his precious watch by putting his entire head in the turkey and ends up stuck. It's a hilarious classic scene.

Next thing that comes to my mind is "someone must have made this costume"... so there you go, after some digging, i found a few pictures here, here and here from TOYCON 2010 where this guy attempted successfully to make the costume.



Ronald Mcdonald Cosplay

I had never seen these commercials before. Coming straight from Japan, McDonald had some interesting cosplay versions of the Ronald McDonald in their TV commercials.

First is the male version, is this the son of Ronald McDonald?

They also have Tomato McGrand, Ronald McDonald's daughter?

I am definitely adding this to our couple costume idea list!

Via Otakuhouse


Photos: Sexy My Little Pony Cosplay

A great group costume idea if you ask me!

From Comikaze via Flickr


Dancing With The Stars Funniest Costumes


Extreme Couponer Costume




Sesame Street Yip Yip Martian Costumes

The Yip Yips (also known as the Martians or aliens) are characters on the popular American children's television show Sesame Street. They are interplanetary visitors, from the planet Mars1. They marvel at devices such as clocks, telephones and computers. When frightened, each covers its face with the lower part of its jaw while making a distinctive "goom" noise.

Source: Wikipedia

These guys did a terrific job, they nailed being Yip Yips! This video was made at DragonCon 2011.

Now compare it to the original and decide by yourself:


WheelJack Autobot Costume


Doctor Who T-Shirt

After stealing clothes from the Royal Leadworth Hospital lockers, the newly regenerated 11th Doctor faced down the Atraxi in his new outfit featuring his now iconic bow-tie and tweed jacket. Now you can can share the Doctor's sense of style with this cool costume t-shirt!



Photo: Jerry Seinfeld Costume


Photo: Zac Efron in Reno 911 Costume

This is pretty hilarious.


Interview: Boardwalk Empire Costume Designer

I love Boardwalk Empire! This is an awesome interview.

Did you know they get the script for each episode two weeks prior to have the costumes ready?



Download: Boardwalk Empire’s Richard Harrow Mask

I am a big huge fan of Broadwalk Empire, and i think Richard Harrow is one of the most interesting, mysterious characters from the show.

Download the mask of Richard with the flesh wound here or the half mask he put over his wound here.


Pan Am Stewardess Costume Tips

Here’s an easy way to get the look of a Pan Am Stewardess by making it yourself.

To get you started we’re providing:

  • Pan Am Wings lapel pin pattern. Simply print it out, cut it carefully, and attach it to a piece of heavy paper or cardboard. Then, affix a safety pin and wear your wing on the left side of your jacket over your heart.
  • Pan Am Stewardess cap pattern.
  • Pan Am logo for your flight bag. If you haven’t yet ordered your own Pan Am bag, you can create one by modifying a bowling bag or other large bag.

And here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Blue suit with a jacket and skirt - Pan Am Blue is very close to Royal Blue and suits can be found at your local thrift store. (If you’ve got the skills, you can tailor your jacket to accent your ladylike figure, as well as shorten the sleeves and hem the skirt to come just to your knees.)
  • White collared shirt - Just spread the collar over the lapels of the suit jacket.
  • White gloves - Wear them at mid-arm. Opera length gloves are too long. In a pinch, use shorter gloves, but never longer ones!
  • Nylons - In the 1960s, they were not as sheer as they are today. You can emphasize that you’re wearing them by choosing a more opaque style.
  • Black low-heeled pumps - The stewardesses of Pan Am were on their feet all day, go for a lower kitten-style heel.

Hair & Make-up:

  • Hair can be easily worn in the upswept style of the 1960s.
  • Make-up is light “daytime” make-up. Make it authentic by wearing the official shade “Persian Melon” by Revlon (shade 585).



Photos: Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay

Part 1:

Part 2:


Photo: 'The Golden Girls' Costume Idea



Funny TV Character Costume Ideas

  • DJ Connor from Roseanne, as the Alfalfanator
  • Gabe from The Office, as Lady Gaga
  • Jim from The Office, as the 3-hole punched paper
  • Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
  • Ross from Friends, as Spudnik
  • Dan from Roseanne, as headless Marie Antoinette
  • Marc as Betty, from Ugly Betty
  • Ellen as pregnant Jennifer Lopez



Photo: Awesome Mr T Baby Costume

How Cute!


Exclusive: Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Helmet

If you are a Battlestar Galactica fan, you probably don't want to miss the chance to buy this helmet, but be careful, this is a limited edition of only 500 pieces!!

They will available December 2011.

You'd spent $8,000 to $12,000 to get one of the 2 or 3 original helmets left in this world, so $600 seems a bargain!

This is a series-accurate, 1:1 scale replica of the hero Colonial Viper Helmet seen on screen in the classic Battlestar halactica television series. The helmet is a dual-signature edition that includes both Richard Hatch's and Dirk Benedict's signatures! Scanned from an original screen-used helmet and cast from an original piece, it's made of high-quality fiberglass and resin. This limited edition of only 500 pieces features LED lighting effects and comes with a certificate of authenticity and special display-plaque stand. It's a must-have for all fans of BSG! To ensure a faithful reproduction of this iconic helmet, eFX's engineers digitally scanned an original, screen-used helmet. Included is a numbered plaque hand signed by both Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. eFX thanks Steve Gawley, Jon Billings, and Greg Jein for their invaluable contributions to this project.

The original Colonial Viper pilot helmet was created in 1977 for a proposed 7-hour ABC mini-series by Glen A. Larson named Battlestar Galactica. The mini-series starred Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch (Apollo), and Dirk Benedict (Starbuck). The original concept sketches of the helmet were drawn by Joe Johnston, who was the Effects Art Director at MCA-57. Its Egyptian inspiration was likely due to the huge success of the "Treasures of Tutankhamun" exhibition (1972-1981) that was touring the United States. In fact, at the time of the start of pre-production, the exhibit was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The helmet was made by MCA-57 model maker Steve Gawley, based on Johnston's concept sketches and guidance. Early in the development of the helmet, Steve requested to fit the helmet to the actor with the largest head. But this was not possible since in 1977, the roles had not yet been cast. So, he recruited some of his fellow artisans at MCA-57 to try the helmet on for size. The goal was to make one size helmet to fit all.


TV: Breaking Bad Gustavo Fring Halloween mask

There is a link here to download a version you can print and cut.


TV: Katie Holmes in Slutty Pumpkin costume

The story about the "Slutty Pumpkin" in the 'How I Met Your Mother' television series first aired on October 24th 2005.

Here is some background on this story - read it all here:

Ted spends his Halloween waiting for the "slutty pumpkin" (which has strategically carved holes) that he met in 2001. Ted really likes this girl, but he lost her phone number when Lily gave away the Kit Kat that he had written the girl's phone number on. All he knows about this girl is she has studied penguins and enjoys making a drink that combines Kahlúa and Root beer which she likes to call "The Tootsie Roll". Every year he waits at the same party, dressed in the same old costume, a hanging chad, hoping the "slutty pumpkin" will be there.

This year, Katie Holmes took the challenge to become the "Slutty Pumpkin" in an episode that will air on October 25th 2011.

Check out the pictures above.


How to Look Like Vampire Bill Compton

Tips for Bill Compton costume

  • Capture Bill’s laid back style with a basic henley shirt and jeans
  • Remove all signs of the sun by applying pale foundation along with a small amount of red eyshadow just on lower lash line
  • Finish the look with glue-on sideburns and fake fangs!
  • Don’t forget to leave home without a bottle of Tru Blood in one hand and a Sookie Stackhouse on your other arm


  • ‘Sookie is Mine’ T-Shirt
  • Tru Blood Beverage
  • Tru Blood Logo Shooter
  • Ring Bottle Opene

Halloween Hit: Pan Am Stewardess Costumes

Pan Am costumes are a hit this Halloween. Thanks to the ABC show featuring Christina Ricci, the costume modeled after the 1960s Pan AmStewardesses has been a bestselling item this season.

Kristen58 on Etsy makes the best Pan Am costume replica we have seen... but it won't be cheap, not there will be too many available:

The cost is $275 for this tailored garment. This includes the jacket, skirt, shirt, and hat, including costs of all fabrics and materials.

Edited: If you are looking for ideas to make a great Pan Am costume, check out the Pan Am Uniforms page.


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