Superhero and Super-villain Costume Ideas and News

Infographic: Batman Costumes thru the Years


Super Hero Onesies: The Lazy's Man Cosplay

There is no word for this!

Not only do you need to be a real geek to wear this, but you also have no respect for what super heroes stand for!


The Dark 'Chevaleresse' Costume

The woman version of Batman, The Dark Knight costume.


Via if i was real


Victoria's Secret Models In Superhero Costumes

We loved superhero costumes before, we know love them even more!




Super Mega Hero Costume

This kid probably could not make his mind when it came to pick which super hero he wanted to be for Halloween.

So he decided to mix it all up! Smart kid!


Photo: Batman Beyond Cosplay


Confirmed: New Superman Costume Is Underpants-Less

Confirmed by Henry Cavill, costume designers forgot to make Superman some underpants for the next release :)


9 Green Lantern Baby Costumes

This dad had a lot this Halloween! He made 9 different costumes for his 3 month old daughter:

So the original plan was for my 3 month old daughter to go as Green Lantern for Halloween but she insisted on being every single color of Lantern possible. She also insisted that every costume incorporate a tutu.



Etsy: 1966-Like Robin Costume

Elizabeth modeled her patterns from Mark Hardeman's Robin Costume (one of the originals).


Cartboard Avengers Costumes

This is not something you'll see everyday. Check out this Flickr gallery of Boxed Avengers.


Green Lantern Adult Costume

This will be a bestseller this Halloween 2011 for sure!


Tom Hardy talks about his Bane costume

"It's hot...very hot, and hard to breathe in" and from what we heard, neither Tom Hardy or Christian Bale could hear each other on the set, thus had to use hand signs or blinks to let the other knows it was time for their line! Watch the video.


New Avengers costume photos!

New photos of the The Avengers costumes from the movie set. Scarlett Johansson looks great in a her simple Black Widow costume.

There you go, enjoy!


Nice compilation of new movie costumes...

Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises, Spider-Man New Movie costumes

Man of Steel for 2013, Dark Knight Rises for 2012 and Amazing Spider-Man for 2012. These movies all hit theaters in several months, but you can now check out the costumes from the movies in this video.


Man Of Steel Set: New Suit Photos!

Wow these pictures are real close. Check out the skinny-superman suit which has no belt by the way... Suit to fit Henry Cavill for sure, the guy did not sit on the couch to get ready for this movie!


Gwen Stefani's son in Captain America costume

Oh yeah the Captain America costume will be a popular one this Halloween 2011, no doubt. In this picture, Gwen Stefani's son "Zuma" (yes, Zuma is his name...!) perfectly wears a captain America costume while out and about (getting a manicure... yes a manicure!) and looks really cute in it!


New pictures of the new Superman costume

Two new pictures of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume recently appeared online. In one of the two shots, you can clearly see how long the cape is and on the other one, it reveals the already-know snake like costume material of the costume.

Do you guys like it?


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