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Sports: Costume Ideas For Boston Fans

  • Damon's Disciples: a devoted group of fans who honored the leader of "The Idiots" by donning wigs, beards, and robes.
  • Paul Pierce's Halloween Party: Rajon Rondo was voted the winner of best costume for his interpretation of "Injured Tiger Woods", it's hard to discount Kevin Garnett's DJ Lance, Ray Allen's Michael Jackson, Jermaine O'Neal's Mr. T, or Big Baby's… well, a Big Baby.
  • Anonymous Blonde Girls: reports surfaced in June of 2007 that A-Rod had been spotted in Toronto with an anonymous blonde woman.
  • The Green Men: Okay, they aren't from Boston, but the Green Men of Vancouver deserve some credit for their gimmick, which brought them national attention.
  • The Gorilla Suit: Theo Epstein, who was strongly considering leaving what he referred to as his "dream job", took advantage of it being Halloween and ducked out of a meeting in a gorilla costume to avoid the media.



Rival Cheerleader Costume

Great idea! And as the DIYer states "ridiculously easy and cheap".

So it may be a bit obvious that I'm a die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I decided a few years ago that I would spoof our rival team's cheerleader, a team who was having a particularly rough year. It was one of the few costumes where being a little over weight actually worked in my favor. Since the team was taking a real beating on the field, I figured the cheerleaders would be a bit bruised as well.


How to make a Manny Ramirez costume

With the World Series fast approaching and the Los Angeles Dodgers in contention for the pennant, dress up as one of baseball's most colorful characters, the likeable Manny Ramirez. Last year, he was a part of Series Winners the Boston Red Sox. This year, he was traded to the Dodgers and has continued the fine tradtition of "Manny Moments."


How to make a Troy Polumalu - Pittsburgh Steelers costume!

Number 43 on the field, but #1 in your heart (if you're a Pittsburgh Steelers fan), Troy Polumalu is one of the toughest Safeties in the NFL. Drafted to the Steelers in 2003, Polumalu has made over 400 tackles in his six-year career. Even if you can't read his name on the back of his jersey, you know exactly who Polumalu is by his long,


How to make a Tiger Woods costume

Tiger Woods has always been a big hit on the golf course"¦ And now his wife's been hitting him! Can you blame her, with the string of mistresses popping out of the woodwork, claiming that they've been with the otherwise normally classy young golf champion?! Whether you're on Team Tiger or Team Elin, a Tiger Woods costume is sure to be par


Mr Met

This costume is homemade, it was made with a 30 inch beach ball and paper mache then panited white. The nose was formed with clay and the eyes are made of vinyl. The eyebrows are styrofoam and the stiches are red ribbon that I cut and glued. The hat and the jersey are store bought but on the back of the jersey I ironed on letters that say Mr. Met and his number which is double zero. His gloves I sewed white fleece fabric together and stuffed. He also has white baseball pants with black socks and Met slipper sneakers which were also store bought. I won 4th place at a costume party which I felt I should have gotten second but it was a pleasure to win at all with all the hard work I put into it.


How to make a John Cena (WWE) costume

A multiple-time WWE Champion, John Cena is a fan-favorite WWE Superstar with hit rap albums and at least two films under his belt in addition to his in-ring accomplishments. Brush up on your "basic thuganomics" and learn how to put together a John Cena costume that practically screams "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect."

Things You'll Need

  • Baseball

How to make a Roller Girl (Boogie Nights) Costume

Played by Heather Graham in the film "Boogie Nights," Roller Girl was a '70s, x-rated film star whose gimmick was that of a sweet, non-so-innocent blonde sporting rollerskates and a '70s girl-next-door look. Mark Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler character may have been the star, but Roller Girl ended up as another memorable character in this cult


Bill Belichick Dressed As A Pirate

According to the new show "Bill Belichick: A Football Life" from the NFL Network, Bill Belichick - coach of the New England Patriots - went once to Randy Moss' Halloween party dressed up as a pirate. It's hard looking at Bill Belichick to imagine he would actually do that, but the costume idea was quite a good fit for the man!


Celebrate Soccer with World Cup Costumes!

Soccer fans the world over are eagerly anticipating the World Cup which gets underway June 11, 2011 and goes all the way through July 11. It's a solid month of soccer with 32 teams from around the world competing for association football's most prestigious trophy.

Like the Olympics, the World Cup only comes once every four years. The last


It's the time of year: baseball costume ideas

With the the first game set up to start this evening in Boston for the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians, that makes you think about baseball costume ideas for Halloween.

You could go the traditional way, get a really expensive MLB jersey and a wig to look like Manny Ramirez :) or you can can try being more original about it.

CostumZee features several different baseball costume ideas you might like:

sexy baseball costumes old time baseball player costumes baseball hats and masks baby baseball costumes inflatable baseball bats

So who will this series? Boston? Cleveland? We'll have to wait to see. Oh, and if you are looking to buy tickets, like for the first game tonight, you might have to pay from $200 to a thousands dollars by the way...


Marathon run in a furry pig costume

Seigo Masubuchi, the Saints' director of international development, is gunning for a marathon world record for costumed mascots. He will be wearing "Mudonna" the costumed mascot of the Saint Paul baseball team.

Who could have believed there was such a world record! The current record stands at 4h 16mn and 43seconds set last year by Jefferson the dog :)

We don't know what's better: rain or warm weather? Either run in a pig costume soaked with extra pounds of water or in a running oven!

Good luck to you Mudonna!


The Olympics make for Controversial Costumes

If you've been watching the Olympics, you've seen a fair share of controversy within a number of sports. In terms of costumes, however, the Russian world champion ice dancing team of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin have incurred the wrath of Australian Aboriginal representatives with the costumes worn in their performance. With Aboriginal spokespersons complaining that Domnina and Shabalin's costumes -- made of flesh-toned bodystockings with tribal paint, red loincloths and green, leafy foliage -- were offensive and culturally inaccurate, depicting an image the ethnic group wanted to get away from, this may or may not have had bearing on the Olympic judges' awarding the previous World Champion Russian pair a third place bronze medal.

Additionally, in the Free Dance performance at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Shabalin used belts on Domnina's costume to help aid in some unique lifts on the ice for maximum razzle-dazzle effect. The Russian pair's controversial costumes will likely prompt a total revision rules and regulations of dance attire in the Olympics in years to come.

While Russia's skating duo haven't been the only ones to generate controversy (Dutch speedskater Sven "Wrongway" Kramer who was disqualified for skating in the wrong lane and U.S. skier Julia Mancuso whose comments about her teammate, Lindsey Vonn have put several up in arms, and U.S. bronze snowboarding medalist Scotty Lago whose hijinx with his medal were the subject of some risque photographs), there are still an air of true competition sans controversy in the Winter Olympics.

Check out some Olympics costumes for yourself and pick up a Michael Phelps-inspired swimmer Medalist costume. Or, take a look at how to make your own Shawn White or Lindsey Vonn costume to get in touch with your inner Olympiad! And don't worry, the Olympics aren't just this winter... There's still more to come this summer, too!


Celebrate the Celtics win!

Congratulations for Paul Pierce and team for an incredible win last night on the LA Lakers! The World Champs will be in Boston by the end of the week (probably tomorrow) for a glorious and well deserved greeting parade. So if you're in town, or not, but a Celtics fan and want to be part of the celebration, why not getting a party ready and dress up for fun?

What are your options?

celtics fan outfitThe 'basic' Celtics fan look...t-shirt, Champs cap/hat/bandana, make, but not original though right?

basketball player costumeWhat about the basketball player from the 80s costume? You would probably put on a Celtics jersey or be crafty and make your own Celtics logo on a white or green workout t-shirt. Add the afro wig, high sport socks to the knees and your 1985 Rebook Pumps you had left in a closet since then...

celtics pizza jerseyYou could wear a unique Celtics pizza.. huh, oops sorry, joke. Gotta give credit to the these guys, this is pretty cool!

celtics cheerleader costumeGirls can go with the official Celtics cheerleader outfit... and that should be the only way! :-)

celtics clothingAnd at last but not least, you might just want to dress up like your new hero :-) which might costs you a few hundred dollars, but hey, that doesn't happen every year, so it might be totally worth it!

Congrats again for the Boston Celtics! Check out the website for more Celtics fan photos.


How to make a Soccer Hooligan costume

Football and hockey aren't the only sports with rowdy fans. In fact, even the most notorious of American sports fans look like rank amateurs when it comes to international Soccer Hooligans! These guys know how to drink, throw chairs, and riot with the best of them when their football (soccer, for you Yanks!) club doesn't win... And sometimes even when they do! Check out how to make your own Soccer Hooligan costume just in time for the World Cup series!

Things You'll Need

Putting together your Soccer Hooligan costume

Step 1: Put on a bald cap over your hair. This will be a great way to cover your own hair and make painting your face and head with your team colors easier.

Step 2: Grab some face paint. Pick your team's colors and paint their logo on your face or just stripe it. Grab some blue cream makeup or red cream makeup -- or any color you choose and just go to town!

Step 3: Add some tooth black to one or two of your front teeth. Any good soccer hooligan worth his stripes has to have a missing tooth or two that he's sacrificed for his team!

Step 4: Put on a soccer jersey. It can be intact, ripped and shredded, or just ready for you to whip it off in case you painted your chest to match your face.

Step 5: Put on some shorts or tight fitting pants, something roomy for raising a ruckus!

Step 6: Drape a scarf around your neck in your team colors.

Step 7: Grab an empty booze bottle or a couple of crushed beer cans, perfect for pretending to crush them on your head. Add a dab of fake blood to your forehead or nose to simulate having been in a scuffle over your team!


How to make a Julia Mancuso (Olympics) costume

U.S. Olympic skier Julia Mancuso is known as much for her prowess in the snow as she is her unusual headgear. Having won the Gold back in 2006, Julia took Silver at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. While Second Place would be a bummer to some, the Silver medal matched Super Jules' glittering trademark tiara that she sports at the end of every race, a good luck gift from her coach. Julia loves her tiara so much that it's actually painted onto her ski helmet! Pay homage to this unique female athlete with a DIY Julia Mancuso costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiara
  • Light brown wig or Redhead wig
  • Black parka
  • Black ski pants
  • Chunky turtleneck sweater
  • Goggles for skiing, worn around neck
  • Silver medal
  • Snow boots
  • Gloves
  • American flag
  • Ski poles OR make your own with:
  • 2 long (2.5') wooden dowels
  • Black or silver-grey acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black or silver pipecleaners OR
  • Circular jump ring (5" wide)
  • Super Glue

Putting together your Julia Mancuso Olympics costume

Step 1 Put on your long brown wig or an auburn wig in a straight or slightly wavy style.

Step 2: Suit up with a chunky turtleneck sweater, black parka, and ski pants/spandex pants (if you have them. If not, sweatpants or leggings will do in a pinch!)

Step 3: Stuff your pant legs into a pair of ski boots.

Step 4: Put a pair of ski goggles or protective eye gear on. You can wear them on your eyes, but to give the ski "look" without being encumbered, you can also wear them around your neck.

Step 5: Pick up a pair of prop Ski poles (because dragging around an actual pair of skis is no fun if you're at a party!). Or, you can make your own by following the instructions in Step 6.

Step 6: Pick up a pair of 2.5' wooden dowels from a craft store. Paint them black or silver grey with acrylic paint. Allow them to dry and add the silver metal jump rings or pipe cleaners bent into a 5" circle approximately 4" from the bottom of the dowel/pole, holding them in place with a dab of Super Glue.

Step 7: Put on a pair of gloves and victoriously drape an American flag across your shoulders.

Step 8: Put on your Silver medal necklace around your neck.

Step 9: Last, but not least, add the "crowning" touch, but placing your tiara over the top of your wig.


How to Create a Boomer (Burger King Kids Club) costume

Boomer is the tomboy of the Burger King Kids Club. If you remember being a kid in the 90s, dress up as the Burger King's tomboy.

Things you will need

  • Red ponytail wig (if you don't have red hair)
  • Any sports jersey (preferably a football or hockey jersey) with a "7" marked on it
  • Bicycle shorts
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads (must be the same color as elbow pads)
  • Inline skates (again, same color as elbow pads)
  • Sports accessories such as baseball bat, tennis racket, and hockey stick (optional)

Dressing up as Boomer

  1. Google an image of Boomer from Burger King Kids Club for references.
  2. Put on a wig. Make sure it's slightly curly.
  3. Slip on a jersey.
  4. Put on a pair of bicycle shorts.
  5. Slip on elbow pads, knee pads, and inline skates
  6. Carry one of the sports accessories. You can skip this step if you want.
  7. You might want to be careful while wearing inline skates during trick or treat.

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