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25 Shameful Halloween Costumes for the Husky Gentleman

Ok, we have nothing to add, check out the post, it speaks for itself!

and if you’re a man who has to shop at the big and tall store, there are even less choices for you.



LOL: Journalist in a Grape Costume Interviews Student Suspended For Banana Costume - TVSpy

If you keep it up with Costumzee, you probably recently spotted the story about a student suspended from school for running across the football field wearing a banana costume.

Well, if you think this story could not get sillier, add this to it.

A journalist decided to interview the student in a... grape costume! LOL

Watch the interview.


Marathon run in a furry pig costume

Seigo Masubuchi, the Saints' director of international development, is gunning for a marathon world record for costumed mascots. He will be wearing "Mudonna" the costumed mascot of the Saint Paul baseball team.

Who could have believed there was such a world record! The current record stands at 4h 16mn and 43seconds set last year by Jefferson the dog :)

We don't know what's better: rain or warm weather? Either run in a pig costume soaked with extra pounds of water or in a running oven!

Good luck to you Mudonna!


What won't people do to get on television!

Man in Spiderman Costume During Hurricane Irene

Ok, you got your 15mn of fame... and this was hilarious!


Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli Wonder Twins Costumes

Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli In 'The Wonder Twins' Costumes! LOL

@peterfacinelli directed a skit for's a pic of us on set as The Wonder Twins! It comes out in a wk-keep you posted

About Wonder Twins:

The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, are fictional extraterrestrial comic book superheroes published by DC Comics. Their first comic book appearance was in Super Friends #7 (October 1977), by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon. A modernized version of the twins debuted in Extreme Justice #9 (October 1995), by Ivan Velez and Al Rio.


Polish Spiderman Terrorizes People

Ok this is weird BUT funny! Watch this video of a polish man wearing a Spidey costume, terrorizing people and then getting chased down by police. Hilarious.


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