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Photo: To-Go Chinese Food Box Costume


Trend Alert: Food Inspired Fashion

We have seen many food costumes over the years, but Lady Gaga's meat dress created a new trend of fashion:

Franc Fernandez, designer of Lady Gag's famous dress, says that designers have long been using food as an inspiration for their craft. He says his Gaga creation took two days just for the design process. He said the meat came from his Argentinean family butcher and he picked cuts with more fat and grease, like skirt steak, that are easier to work with because they have less blood which can turn a dress brown. “Gaga said it was fine and the most comfortable dress of the night. She actually said she liked the way it smelled like a butcher shop.

Since Franc recognized that WE might not want to smell like a butcher shop all day long, he decided to create apparel made of cotton like the "meat t-shirts".

Other designers seem to be jumping on the food fashion trend...

Designer Ami Goodheart said she created five outfits for the shoot that were made entirely out of foods like meat, pasta, artichokes, bread, and waffles. There was a meat skirt made of tenderloin she decided to pair with a top made of dried potatoes. The pasta outfit she created features ravioli shorts and a shirt made out of several pasta noodles.

Some designers also focus on jewelry:

Onch personally designed a necklace for Nicki Minaj to rock at this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. It looks and feels like a tasty deep-fried chicken wing, but it’s pink.

Click here to buy these.

Very interesting trend! What do you think?

Source: FoxNews


Funny Inflatable Turkey Costume

This is pretty funny, this one can compete in the "most inappropriate costumes" category.



Yum! Chocolate Costumes

These pictures were taken by Ology at the New York Chocolate Show which took place on December 9th 2011.

Dressing up was a costume was already fun, but image if you could eat your costume at the end of the party as well?! I like that!


DIY: Box of Wine Costume Tutorial

Looking for an Epic but Easy costume to make for Halloween? The Box of Wine Halloween Costume will make you the life of the party...LITERALLY.



Idea: Costumes for the Food Lover

  • Cookie Monster - Grab a blue Snuggie, make a hood with eyes, and fill a jar of cookies. Give 'em out, throw 'em at people, or hog them in true Cookie Monster fashion.

  • Frenchman - Draw a mustache on (or grow one), wear stripes and let people take huge honkin' bites out of your baguette.

Keep reading for more ideas: Swedish chef, Hamburglar, Candy Lane...


Health conscious for Halloween? What's bad and what's REALLY bad!

Halloween not only means dressing up but getting lots of candies and chocolate bars! Which is fun but a few weeks from Thanksgiving festive meals, you might want to be as careful as you can, not to put on too many extra pounds during the first big end of year Holiday.

So you are wondering what's bad and what's REALLY bad? did their


Hell! Be Chef Ramsay for halloween 'you Donkey'!

Ok, here is a costume idea for a man...Funny, yes. Unique...TOTALLY!

Be Chef Ramsay for Halloween! I love Hell's Kitchen the Fox network TV show, I watch it on a weekly basis. I was a chef once, yes I was, so I do have a 'special' connection with the candidates trying to win their restaurant in that show.

If you haven't watched it yet, well it's almost over so try catching up the next season, you'll find it hilarious. Or you can catch his new show coming up this Fall...

In the meantime for those of you who watch the show, jump on this Chef Ramsay costume idea! All you need is:

a tight cook's vest (looks like Chef Ramsay wears 2 sizes down is regular shirt's size :)...) a blond wig a British accent (you've got to figure that one out!)

And the proper Chef Ramsay language - Kids, watch out, swearing coming up!

Any other ones to add? Feel free to suggest any in the comments below.

And if you decide on dressing up as Chef Ramsay for Halloween, please come back here and your share pictures!


How to make a Julia Child costume

Long before Gordon Ramsay, television had chef Julia Child whose easily accessible manner and love of French cuisine made her an instant hit with audiences. The new film, "Julie and Julia" tells the story of Julia Child's influence as a woman named Julie makes her way through the beloved cook's recipe book and finds herself in the


Meatball Costumes for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

The popular 1978 book called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is being turned into a Sony Pictures Animated film. The release date is September 18, 2009, so you will have plenty of chance to get your meatballs costume created. The film is going to have a similar plot to the book. The director's concept of Chewandswallow town will be


Editable body parts... made of bread!

Ok, this has to end up on your Halloween party table, one way of the other! What if you would give your friends body parts to eat this Halloween? Well, not real ones, but made of bread.

Originally created by a Thailand Artist Kittiwat Unarrom, come on, this idea could easily become a business of its own here in the US! This is an extraordinary idea and I cannot believe we haven't see this at the local Stop n Shop or Costco yet during Halloween... any takers?

Watch this video, it's freaky, but really amazing:

Honestly, combine to a Saw party theme, this is the most perfect food to serve to your guests, alongside fresh blood-salsa and and a bowl of gummy eye candies! :-)


How to make an M&M Candy costume?

M&M Candies are one of the most popular foods that have been turned into costumes. Ever since the company started advertising with talking M&M's people have been keen to find M&M merchandise such as cups, radios, and more. It stands to reason, then that costumes would be just as popular. If you want a costume made by yourself or


How to make a Cornucopia costume?

Cornucopias have been part of Thanksgiving since the beginning of the holiday. They are very often used as a centrepiece for the holiday table. It is filled with the harvest bounty that represents the reason for Thanksgiving. If you want to show your holiday cheer one of the best costumes can be the cornucopia. Below are the details in how


How to make a chef costume?

Chefs come in all shapes and sizes. There are several positions in the kitchen for chefs, but the best is the executive as they are the boss. This year if you want to be the boss of a kitchen then you might want to create your own costume. Below are details on how to create a Chef costume.

Things You'll Need:

    • Gray cotton slacks

Jonas Brothers play dress-up onstage!

The Jonas Brothers are one of the hottest teen singing sensations to hit the pop world in years. The ladies love the three brothers, Joe, Nick and Kevin.... And Joe, Nick, and Kevin love costumes! The wholesome threesome's touring show features costume theme nights backstage before each event. So far, the three brothers have cooked up


Top Food Costumes for 2009 Halloween

Blink and it is already September 4th. If you blink again it will be October 31st. That means it is time for you to stop dreaming about your Halloween costume and start getting it together. For those making your Halloween costumes you still have about eight weeks to get it finalized. If you will be purchasing a costume you can breathe a


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