Costume ideas for couples

Ronald Mcdonald Cosplay

I had never seen these commercials before. Coming straight from Japan, McDonald had some interesting cosplay versions of the Ronald McDonald in their TV commercials.

First is the male version, is this the son of Ronald McDonald?

They also have Tomato McGrand, Ronald McDonald's daughter?

I am definitely adding this to our couple costume idea list!

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8 Couple Costume Ideas

  • Prince William & Kate Middleton (or Prince Charles and Camilla!)

His costume: A suit will do, but bonus points if you can recreate the Irish Guards uniform Wills donned for the royal wedding with thrift store finds.

Her costume: There's a smorgasbord of options here, from the famous Sarah Burton wedding gown to the pictured red suit. Almost anyone can find a smart-looking suit or dress, but it's not truly Kate without the matching purse, gloves and shiny brunette mane.

  • Bert & Ernie

His costume: Either a Bert or Ernie mask; dorky sweater.

Her costume: Either a Bert or Ernie mask; dorky sweater.

  • Jay-Z & Beyonce

His costume: White tux. Bling. Yankees hat. Perhaps not all three in one costume.

Her costume: Glittery jacket, opened up to reveal...a baby bump.

  • Alvy Singer & Annie Hall

His costume: Whatever schlubby men who could care less about their appearance wear. See Woody Allen.

Her costume: Rock the bookish menswear a la Diane Keaton.

  • Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

His costume: White face paint. Fake blood. Black trench coat. A lot of black.

Her costume: White face paint. Fake blood. Sexy black bandage dress.

  • Johnny & Baby from 'Dirty Dancing'

His costume: Black sleeveless tee and pants. Mullet. Dancing shoes.

Her costume: Slinky dress and dancing shoes -- or cropped button-down, tight jeans and dancing shoes. Keep it strictly 80s with the perm.

  • Juno & Paulie

His costume: Who could forget Michael Cera's burgundy track suit and headband? Add a medal or two for good measure.

Her costume: Jeans. Cardigan. Black nail polish. Huge pregnancy belly. Don't forget the trademark snark.

  • Rhett & Scarlett from 'Gone With The Wind'

His costume: A classic suit. Slicked-back hair.

Her costume: Green velour dress with hoop skirt. Corset. Corkscrew curls. Plenty of attitude.



Shop: Grown Up Baby Costume by American Apparel

American apparel has created a serie of simple DIY costumes you can put together by shopping at their store - Clever! Check out the list here.

We got stuck with this "Overgrown baby" costume idea, which is hilarious.

You'll find: 50's couple, Men in Tights (worth checking out!), Dude Ranchers, Endangered Animals, Hippies, Francophiles, park Rangers, Aeorobics Instructor, Highschool Zombies ('zombies' another fave!) and a few more.

Go check it out!


Etsy: BeetleJuice Adam and Barbara Maitland Costume

This could be the best reproduction ever!

A bargain at $425!

Others have tried though....


Ultimate list of couple costume ideas!

We found a really good list of couple costume ideas over the week end - kind of the ultimate couple costume idea list!

Looking for couple costume ideas? Here it is:


Couple costume idea: Prince William and Kate Middleton

We like this, and BuyCostumes has great costumes. Or if you are really motivated, you can take on Kate Middleton's wedding dress as a DIY project :)


Couple costume idea: mr & Mrs Scissorhands!

If you are looking for a unique couple costume idea, you might want to consider being Mr and Mrs Scissorhands for Halloween!


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