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Gorgeous Handmade Peacock Costume

Erin is a 26 year old artist and designer from Cedar Rapids IA who loves craft projects. This year she decided to make a Peacock Halloween costume and posted the entire tutorial on her blog!

What you will need:

  • Target Stretch Skirt
  • Cheap black lace-up corset
  • 3 Feather Boas
  • Additional aqua Boa
  • 2 Peacock garlands from Michaels
  • 200 5ft Peacock feathers from
  • Stretch Belt
  • Cardboard
  • Duct tape
  • LOADS of hot glue
  • Needle and thread

Via [chickenscratchstudio].( "")


Amazing Paper Mache Clay Masks

Richard Curtis, student at the Northeast State Community College, created these amazing greek-style masks and props for the "Oedipus Rex by Sophocles" play at the Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts Theater.

For the masks, students used a combination of joint compound, boiled linseed oil, tissue paper, flour and glue. The original recipe is available here:

  • Cheap toilet paper (measure the wet paper pulp, and use 1.24 cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed)
  • 1 cup Joint compound from the hardware store (get “regular,” not “fast set” or “light”.)
  • 3/4 cup Elmer’s Glue-all
  • 1/2 cup White Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Linseed Oil

For the body mutilations and bloody wounds, students used liquid latex, coffee grounds and oatmeal.

A pretty cost effective way to make fabulous masks and props for Halloween!



The NYC Subway Train costume

This is fantastic! Talk about dedicated parents!

Little guys like cars, trucks & trains. Little guys (and big guys) in New York City tend to be a little infatuated with the subway. Living across the street from the Transit Museum doesn’t help… Because of this, every year when my wife and I ask our oldest son (now age 4): “What do you want to be this year for Halloween?”, what he hears is “What subway train so you want to be this year for Halloween?”. Last year he wanted to be the three train – this year, after much discussion, he has decided to be the seven.

Check out the 8 seconds video on Matthew's blog post which shows the making of the costume.

To view all the pictures, go to the Flickr gallery here.

Nice work Matthew!


Tutorial: Make 'They Live' Alien Masks

'They Live' was a 1988 movie directed by John Carpenter about "A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth."

I found this nice tutorial to make alien masks similar to the ones featured in the "They Live" movie on that you can either view here or download.


The Big Head Halloween Project

The Big Head project is one of these experiments. It’s a large, head-mount box with a 24″ LCD on the front showing a live video view of the wearer’s face. Of course, the face is flat, slightly miscolored, unmistakeably a video and much larger than usual.

The wearer’s face is captured with a video camera looking through a half-silvered mirror. There’s a second camera, which captures a view from the front of the box, near the eyes of the on-screen face. The outside view is shown on an internal LCD, which reflects on the half-silvered mirror; this way the wearer can look directly at the LCD and the camera at the same time. (This is essentially a tele-prompter, like Errorl Morris’ Interrotron).

It weighs around 40lb and supported by the hips.


From Gururamen


Awesome Boy Edward Scissorhands Costume!

I found this on this morning, well worth sharing with our readers.

When my son told me that he wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I knew that we were going to have a blast making the costume for him. Everyone in the family had something to add - my son of course offering the piece de resistance by literally becoming Edward that Halloween night :)

The costume was originally made for Halloween 2010 from what i can gather. This turns out to be a pretty inexpensive costume but nevertheless a great look!

Collect belts from used clothing stores. We ended up with ten belts for our then 4 year-old son. Obviously, bigger bodies will need more belts. They were collected over a period of several months anytime we were near a Salvation Army. Find black belts of all shapes and sizes with lots of grommets, studs, big metal buckles, etc. The more visual variety the belts have, the more interesting the costume will look.

For safety purposes, the parents used silver plastic knives and even "file the teeth down with sandpaper".

Edward Scissohands

Via Instructables.


Tutorial: Pinhead Makeup

We have seen some cool pinhead masks in the past but never an actual make up tutorial, but there we go.


Tutorial: Knitted Elvis Wig

Ha! This is pretty funny, and useful in cold territories :)



Tutorial: Cartoon-y Butterfly Wings

I wanted to make something for my wife that lit up, was easy to wear, and looked cool. How about some EL wire wings?



Tutorial: Handmade Super Hero Costume

Tonya Staab wanted to make a costume for her son. He wanted to be a super hero, but mommy did not think she could do it. All Flynn wanted after wall was a mask and a cae, like most super heroes. So mommy decided to make a "Super Flynn" costume.


Read the story and check out the instructions here.


No Pattern Needed Costumes

Check out these great tips to make a costume - without patterns!

From knights, thieves, princesses, wizards, to jesters and many more, the technique applies and applies again.


Tutorial: Unzipped Face Makeup

Scary and so awesome!

Here is a tutorial:


DIY: Box of Wine Costume Tutorial

Looking for an Epic but Easy costume to make for Halloween? The Box of Wine Halloween Costume will make you the life of the party...LITERALLY.



Tutorial: How To Make a Ray Gun

And it lights up when you pull the trigger!

Perfect steampunk gun.



DIY: Homer the Dragon Costume Tutorial

This tutorial come with 4 PDFs you can download, each coverring a step of the process.



How To: Chomping Pacman Costume (Video)

This is a remarkable costume and very detailed tutorial, but not a last minute costume idea! It will require materials and tools not everyone's got at home, nevertheless we had to share it.

Make - Chomping Pacman Costume: A giant Pacman costume that has built in speakers and a giant chomping mouth, as well as a matching ghost (Blinky) to go along with it.



DIY: Pikachu Halloween Costume

This is an in-depth Pokemon character Pikachu DIY tutorial from Mellie Mel, you can't mess it up if you just follow the steps!


DIY: Zombie Costume with Bloody Shirt

"Walmart is zombie central. Items needed for anyone who wishes to transform themselves into a zombie or some horrifying creature at Halloween costs only about $10."

As well as CVS, Kmart, Target, Walmart etc...

The tutorial doesn't go too deep into the steps, more an overview for each part, but it's really complete overall.



Video: Queen Of Hearts Makeup Tutorial


DIY: How To Make a Bat Hat

What you will need:

  • 12- by 18-inch sheet of stiff black felt
  • White felt
  • Black knit hat
  • Clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Glue (fabric glue)


  1. Cut two bat wings, ears, and pupils from the black felt. (You can download our wing and ear templates or draw your own.) Cut eye circles from white felt.
  2. Trim the flat end of each wing to fit the

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