Baby costume ideas

Bay Link Cosplay

Simply awesome. Good parents! LOL


9 Green Lantern Baby Costumes

This dad had a lot this Halloween! He made 9 different costumes for his 3 month old daughter:

So the original plan was for my 3 month old daughter to go as Green Lantern for Halloween but she insisted on being every single color of Lantern possible. She also insisted that every costume incorporate a tutu.



Photo: Awesome Mr T Baby Costume

How Cute!


Photo: Baby & Bulldog costume

How adorable!!?


Etsy: Baby Shark Sleeping Bag Costume

The perfect gift for any new baby who loves to dress up while keeping warm!

We love Etsy, and we keep finding jewels! This is not only cute, not only usable but perfect for Halloween!


Red Angry Birds Tutu/Corset Costume

Etsy, Etsy... the eternal goldmine for unique costumes! We know wish we shopped there for our girls Halloween costumes this year! Alright, next year we will.

Created by a stay at home mom with obviously a lot of talent, this costume comes in any size (just connect with her) and will be a hit for Halloween!

I know there are some serious Angry Birds fans out there. This custom outfit turned out so well that I decided to offer it to the "Angry Red Bird" fans!

She also offers to make the Angry Green Pig costume if you are interested:

Last day to place orders for Halloween delivery is Friday October 14th

Don't wait to place your order!


Family costume idea: Charlie and the chocolate factory



Wilson Volleyball baby costume idea

This is a great costume idea! From the movie "Cast Away", this is Wilson the volleyball baby costume!


Baby & Mom costume idea: Chef and Cupcake


Family costume idea: Lobster bisque baby

So cute!


Mon & baby: Chip & Salsa costume


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