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Video: Euro Cosplay Championships

The Euro Cosplay Championships took place in London this year.

The winner this year was this incredible Skeksil Chamberlin costume from Dark Crystal:

skeksil costume

The Skeksis are a fictional species which act as the main antagonists in the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal, its companion book The World of The Dark Crystal and the TokyoPop prequel Legends of the Dark Crystal. The word "Skeksis" serves as both singular and plural form for this species, with the singular being pronounced /ˈskɛksɨs/ and the plural /ˈskɛksiːz/. They are described by concept artist Brian Froud as, "... part reptile, part predatory bird, part dragon." In the film, the Skeksis are represented by puppets engineered under the direction of Jim Henson. Jim Henson said that in the development of the Skeksis, the creators drew inspiration from the Seven Deadly Sins. More at Wikipedia.

Some incredible pictures from the championshops are available on Flickr.


Cat Mask With Facial Movements

Wow, this is getting fun! How long will it take for the costume characters at DisneyLand to be equipped with such technology? Imagine Minnie blinking at you? Or Mickey blinking at your girlfriend? LOL


Photo: 'World at War' Meets 'Modern Warfare 2'


Final Fantasy IV Cecil Harvey Costume

  • This is his Dark Knight version.
  • The costume took about 8 months to create.
  • This could be the greatest cosplay costume ever made!



Photo: Batman Beyond Cosplay


Bioshock Little Sister Cosplay

Directly from the Bioshock video game:

Little Sisters (originally named as Gatherers) are young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from the corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are almost always accompanied by a Big Daddy. They are almost completely immune to damage and have no offensive abilities. Attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their protectors.

Awesome cosplay pictures in early November 2011 from London.


Amazing Rogue Cosplay Costume

Supa Tuna attended ComicKaze 2011 wearing this really good Rogue costume (kudos for the pictures too), and what's interesting is that she almost did not make it to the conference - that would have been a shame!

This weekend I had a last minute change of plans. My sister had been planning to go down to ComiKaze Expo, and I had no ticket or money to go. Last minute my other sister decided she didn't want to go so she gave her ticket to me! OAO I was so shocked and surprised. It threw me off guard at first. I've been sick all week and had no cosplays to wear. So I got off my bed and finished up my Rogue cosplay. I'll tell you, it was damn worth it.

Dressing up as Rogue was the most fun I have ever had in cosplay. I hate to sound conceited but I felt like a celebrity with how many people wanted a photo of or with me. At one point a group of people had lined up and I was literally stuck in one place for 30 minutes.


Photo: Banjo And Kazooie Costumes

Pretty good!

If you are not a video gamer and just wonder who these characters Banjo and Kazooie "") are, read below:

Banjo is the main character in the game and the character in which the series was named after. His name comes from the instrument Banjo, which is small, circular and is similar to the guitar. The Banjo has normally four to five strings which are plucked to make a sound.

A red crested breegull who stays in Banjo's Backpack. She gives Banjo most of his attacks and skills. When Banjo talks to most of his friends, Kazooie tends to butt in and insult them. She doesn't have very good social skills, and rarely addresses people nicely, and almost every character in the game(minus banjo), was given an insulting nickname by her.She also has the ability to shoot and fart eggs, this being her main weapon.


Costumes From Lucca Comics 2011

Lucca Comics and Games is an annual comic book and gaming convention in Lucca, Italy. It takes place, usually, at the end of October.

This is Cosplay with an Italian Fashion flavor, you can't beat that. Amazing shots.

Via Flickr


Funny: My Little Pony Reenactment

Cosplayer and YouTuber LuluPopVampire made a reenactment of a scene where Rainbow Dash is teaching Fluttershy how to cheer.

Compare it to the original:

Spot on!


Cardboard Hellboy

You can do so much with cardboard...

Nicely made!

Via FashionablyGeek


Photo: Amazing Tinkerbell Cosplay

My 4 year-old daughter is going to believe Tinkerbell exists as soon as I show her this post!

This is the perfect model and costume to host a Tinkerbell birthday party... although, she might have a problem when the little fairies start asking her to fly :)


Photos: Mad Moxxi Cosplay

Stunning cosplay.

Mad Moxxi is the host of the Colosseum matches in The Underdome in the second DLC, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.

Read more at Wikia.


Video: 7 Feet Tall Landstrider Costume

I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw "The Dark crystal"( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the blank face crutch walkers, it hit me, why don't I combine them both. When I did a search on line it turns out there are others with the same idea (Thank you Garen and Mellissa for the info aka. Stilt Spirits). This creature I refer to as "what nightmares are made of" is 7 feet tall and primarily made of recycled foam. An Old Foam Eggcrate Mattress, duct tape (that has been spray painted black) coffee dyed cheese cloth and dollar store spooky cloth. I used old wooden crutches, I modified to make taller since they only go to 6.6ft. The most expensive thing was the dry wall stilts that I bought, which I found out is cheaper than making stilts from wood. My dream/nightmare has come true!

Here is the scene in question:

Nice work! This is another creepy creature featured on Costumzee (see below).


How To Make Multiple Halo Costumes

Ok, this is not for your average DIYer, Shawn Thorsson is an maker-expert who has developed a way to make multiple copies of the Halo costume from one template originally carved from wood. This is not his first project, he worked on the Dead Space 2 costume also featured here on Costumzee and many other projects you can check out on his blog.

I use an old Toshiba Satellite laptop, a Canon inkjet printer, a Craftsman Carvewright carving machine, a homemade vacuum forming machine, and a host of old-school woodworking and machine shop tools in a repurposed chicken barn out in the country.

You can read this interview where he gets in details about the materials, tools, software and techniques used to make these costumes.

He should consider mass-producing them, i am sure these would sell like bread!


Tim Burton’s Movie '9' Character Costume


Photos: Mass Effect 2 Samara Cosplay

Samara is a nearly thousand-year-old asari justicar, a member of an ancient monastic order following a strict honor code. Though she is skilled with weapons, Samara usually relies on her powerful biotic abilities. Justicars rarely leave asari space, but Samara's pursuit of justice has brought her to Illium.

More at Wikia.

Rana Mcanear is the model for this Samara costume. There is a story behind the photoshoot and this unbelievable finished product:

Rana had been explaining how she raised enough money through fans for this to be possible. She was also telling us a story about a well know company thats designs mass effect clothing basically screwed her over, and her dream to do this was lost until recently. It really was a sad story to hear, especially when nothing could have been done in terms of justice.

We're glad it work out though!

Body suit made by Head piece & armor made by The Mad Masker

Via DarkStarsPhoto


Photo: Mia Wallace Cosplay

Classic timeless costume idea, from one of the best movie scenes ever!

Via TheNetwerk


Best Jurassic Park Costume EVER?

Do you remember the T-rex chase scene in Jurrasic Park "Must go faster!"?

(sorry that's the best video i could find!)

These guys re-enacted the scene at ComicKaze. This is priceless!

Edited: we also found another video called "In the hunt for the Philosoraptor" - these guys have way too much fun!


Cosplay: Isaac Clarke's Engineering RIG Costume

In Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is a systems engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation.

Pretty right on:



Photos: Batman Arkham Asylum Cosplay Suit

The guys at The Effects Lab have been making costumes, props and much more for years. They decided to tackle a new project: bring the Batman Arkham Asylum costume (video game) to life, and maybe, get the attention of the designers from the Bat franchise for a future movie.

It's pretty spectacular, and don't forget to check out the other creations from the team.


Pictures: Cutest Little 'Zelda' Link Ever

As a parent, i just melt for the following. How adorable is he?!!

Kuddos to the parents for not only have great taste but incredible photography and imagery skills!

Check out all the pictures here.


Photo: Ghostbusters Team at NY Comic Con

So cool!


6 Huge Cosplay From New York Comic Con

You can say that size doesn't matter, well, it does with these cosplay costumes seen at NYCC '11!

The bigger, the better!



Photo: Darkwing Duck Costumes


Photo: Cosplay Banana Wolverine

Seen at New York Comic Con '11, Wolvering has gone banana!



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