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You love them, you want to live like them...heck, you want to BE them. Celebrities have amazing style, tons of money, and lead glamorous lives. Step into their shoes for a day by dressing like them, for Halloween or for any occasion!

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LMFAO Redfoo Costume

What better costume to wear to a party than LMFAO's Redfoo.  And don't forget to wear your smiley face undies as well!


Condom Elvis costume

I swear every time i add a new post like this that i must have seen everything possible. But no, something else always tops the previous weird find!

To mark World AIDS day, a condom clad Elvis impersonator takes to the street of Pattaya, Thailand.

This is, i am guessing, a handmade Elvis costume made of condoms. Pretty creative!


Lady Gaga in Armani zombie costume

Lady Gaga performed Nov. 30th 2011 at the Grammy nominations dressed up as a fashionable zombie in a custom-made Giorgio Armani black jersey and Swarovski-crystal encrusted body suit and blazer.

Lady gaga received 2 nominations for for album of the year and best pop vocal album for Born This Way.


Milla Jovovich On Set Of Fifth Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich was spotted on the set of the fifth installment of Resident Evil in Toronto, Canada.

Wearing a slick, tight, sexy leather costume and boots, Mila looks amazing!

Source: DailyMail


Photo: Kids in Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Costumes

This is funny. Borderline, but funny!


Photo: Zac Efron in Reno 911 Costume

This is pretty hilarious.


Lady Gaga Decapitated Costume

Lady Gaga performed on The X Factor wearing a quite bizarre decapitated costume.

It's not like this is her first time wearing something bizarre or controversial, but was there any meaning to this you think?


What Celebrities Wore For Halloween 2011

Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey, who dressed up as the soon-to-be-divorced Kim Kardashian and Nick Humphries, get my vote!

Source: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/galleries/TMG8859713/Celebrity-Halloween-costumes-2011.html


Lady Gaga Ferrero Rocher Costume

Some say gladiator, others play the funny Ferrero Rocher card, but it doesn't matter at the end.

What matters is that Lady Gaga not only won a Bambi award, but made a phenomenal appearance in a dress designed by late Alexander McQueen (her favorite designer) at the Bambi 2011 awards at Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany.

I guess i can see the connection to Ferrero Rocher.


Katy Perry Kitty Cat Mask... Hat?

Is that a new fashion trend in the making?!


Heidi Klum and Seal Monkeying Around

You have to agree with this: it must be fun to have so much money you can have a real ape costume made for Halloween, right?

Supermodel Heidi Klum had a lot of fun this year, she ended up wearing 2 costumes for Halloween, the skinned costume and this as amazing ape costume which she had also made for hubby Seal.

So tell me, if you had so much money to know what to do with, you would be a ... for Halloween?


Amanda Knox Burglar Halloween Costume

Seriously? She could have chosen a million different costume ideas and she went for the burglar costume?

Now i can't wait to see what she'll dress up as next year!

via TheHollywoodGossip


Photo: Angelina Jolie Clever Costume

This is a winning costume, for real too! Check out the costume this guy made, Angelina Jolie holding him as a baby. Awesome!


Heidi Klum's 2011 Skinned Costume

We already had a glimpse of Heidi Klum's skinned costume, and the primate costume but now the photos coming from the mega-super-model's Halloween parties are coming to us.

This could be one of the coolest costumes ever made. What do you think?


Tutorial: Knitted Elvis Wig

Ha! This is pretty funny, and useful in cold territories :)



How To: Slut Pig & Pam Costumes (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

During the infamous game night the girls were calling each other a ton of nasty names, including my favorite “slut pig.” So in true Beverly Hills style, Brandi Glanville is owning the name and is actually dressing up as a slut pig for Halloween! It’s an easy costume for girls to throw together at the last minute.

As for Dana Wilkey, she has decided to dress up as her alter ego, Pam. If you remember, only Kim Richards was allowed to call Dana the name Pam.

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Printable Mask: Courtney Stodden

You can download it here.


Kim Kardashian in Poison Ivy Costume

Kim revealed her 2011 Halloween costume, this year she will be Poison Ivy.


Joan Rivers as Suri Cruise for Halloween

The Fashion Police from E! at work! Pretty funny.

Suri Cruise (Rivers) with her parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez (Osbourne) and Marc Anthony (Kotsiopoulos), and Victoria Beckham (Rancic).


Tutorial: LMFAO Halloween Costume

So what do you need?

  • A pair of the duo’s signature specs (sans lenses of course).
  • Make sure your animal print pants are outta control — like this pair or this pair.
  • Shuffling shoes. No need to shell out $120, when you can make your own. Grab some paint pens, super glue (or a glue gun), and some rhinestones.
  • Opt for one of your favorite LMFAO t’s or go for a bright print t-shirt.
  • Animal print jacket (be sure to cur off your left sleeve like Redfoo). We’re feeling this one from Wet Seal.
  • A curly wig to go as Skyblu or an afro to go as Redfoo

Read the instructions here: Idolator


Photo: Kate Middleton 2002 'Risque' Halloween Costume

Whether it's rumor or fact that Prince William's eye was originally drawn to Kate Middleton due to the revealing transparent dress she wore at a charity fashion show, the amount it sold for at auction is simply staggering. An unidentified buyer forked over the princely sum of £78,000 ($125,871) for the see-through dress worn in 2002.

This is a great last minute Halloween costume idea NO ONE will be able to guess! If you are ready to bend the rules this season, like Kate Middleton did back in 2002, grab the idea and run with it!



Does Charlie Sheen Make Money on Charlie Sheen Halloween Masks?

Yes, of course!

So let's say that Sheen has stricken a similar deal*. You go out and buy a Sheen mask ($12.95), fedora ($14.95), wig ($9.50). Hypothetically, Sheen would earn $1.87.

*Zooey Deschanel sued Steve Madden and received a settlement


Sneak Peek: Heidi Klum To Wear 2 Costumes For Halloween!

For 2011, Heidi Klum - the celebrity-queen of Halloween - revealed that her costume would be "hairy". USMagazine and People mag have pictures of not only one, but 2 Halloween costumes.

According to them, Heidi will be wearing a monkey costume to a rooftop party Monday night, and a creepy bodysuit called "Visible Woman" at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas.

What do you think?


Celeb: Christina Aguilera as Zombie Bride


Haloween 2011: Ellen Degeneres Costume Ideas

Ellen Degeneres asked her Facebook fan to suggest her a costume idea for Halloween, check out the suggestions below.

  • We love the Pixar lamp idea, Angry Birds (of course!) and Ryan Seacrest!
  • What do you think she will choose to be?
  • You should be a cruise ship ;) Mehe ♥
  • lady gaga would be very funny!
  • Truman Capote
  • were a mask of yourself.
  • I believe you would make a wonderful smurfet!
  • Be a clown.That’s what you do best,n wearing those clothes will add to the fun
  • Jr Smith Or lucy from I love lucy
  • Zombie
  • U think you should b…"wheres waldo!" U cud play the part so good! U can hide! Im 37 (i think!) And I love to hide! Lol
  • An Angry Bird :)
  • be a sock, a really cool one! or a hot one. But don’t be a boring one!
  • Clint Eastwood!!!!!!!
  • Buster Bluth.
  • I have a WOOPIE CUSHION costume you can borrow. Very very funny…..
  • Sofia vergara!
  • You should be adele.
  • A veggie dress instead of Lady Gaga’s meat dress…oh and Gaga’s hair.
  • How about Sonny and Cher. Sonny on the right side, and Cher on the left.
  • Go as a Garden gnome like the travilocity adds!!
  • Andy or Tony! Wow that would be great!
  • You would make a real cute Peter Pan, and come out flying into the stage would be so cool.
  • Charlie Chaplin… U r so funny Ellen!!! My kids love u and I do too..
  • Be Dory! Let them know we want to see Finding Nemo II. The fish are in bags for goodness sakes
  • Be a picket sign carrying a person
  • A stamp!!
  • a house plant
  • a cat to honor all the cats from cat week!
  • Anne the wicked witch crushed under the house.
  • Taylor Swift!
  • ryan seacreast
  • A toaster. You MUST be a toaster!
  • static cling.
  • Tattoo from Fantasy island!!
  • Be Kesha. Haha
  • Lamorte Mayhem!!!
  • BE a calculator
  • I think you would make a great shirley temple…lol
  • the gum under the table—- wear pink pajama’s cut cardboard in a square glue plates glasses and silverware on top. put it on your head . There ya go!!! your the gum under the table!!!! LOL
  • flo from progressive
  • Be a vending machine
  • a peacock!
  • Be the lamp that stomps the "I" in Pixar.
  • You Should be Snookie, or you should be Fergi and Tony Should be Wil.i.am
  • a bed sheet ghost
  • olive oil from popeye!
  • Half Tony half Andy lol
  • Wear a shirt that says, "GO CEILINGS!" on it and be a ceiling fan… =)
  • A 1950s nurse! Like ur insanely crazy look a like photo!
  • Kanye West!!!
  • One Nightstand. Make a nightstand out of cardboard…put a lampshade on your head and condoms on the nightstand… a one nightstand!
  • dr phil
  • Judge judy
  • Hello kitty

Celeb: 'Buffy' Alyson Hannigan as Sock Monkey

And Alexis Denisof as a Toy Soldier.


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