Lightning Thief Hijacks Mythical Costumes

What better way to discuss a movie and its costumes than to view it and then review it. Today, February 12, 2010) I stepped into the world of Demigods and Gods, with Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The movie is certainly geared towards the younger generation, those between 8 and 14 years of age. Despite this generation stigma I found the movie to have quite a few areas for adults as well. Amazingly as we stepped into the theater there was a mixture of young and older generations both of which laughed throughout the movie and enjoyed it immensely. It might have been the amazing costumes or the fact that the Lightning Thief is based in the present.

Instead of a world in which Greek/ Roman gods are ruling the earth of the past, we saw tall towering buildings, we could all recognize. For the most part the plot was set in New York, with the Empire State building being the gateway to Mount Olympus. The Gateway to Hell was laughably located under the Hollywood sign in California. So with a mixture of laughter, and a few lame areas for the adults this movie definitely gets my vote, but more it got my vote for some of the amazing costumes we were privy to.

Before we reveal the costumes it should be mentioned that the director of this film was none other than Christopher Columbus, the director of the first two Harry Potter films. He certainly has a golden touch just as the Gods when it comes to making a hit tween film.

The first Gods we were introduced to were Zeus and Poseidon, in which we learned the Lightning Bolt of Zeus’s was stolen and Poseidon’s son was supposedly the thief. Poseidon appeared much like a giant man in the film with traditional Greek or Roman attire. Underneath the suit of armor was a white tunic, with Roman sandals, and of course his trident. You might just find Poseidon costumes in the mix for this years costume parties. Zeus and the rest of the male Olympians were dressed in similar attire. The women adopted the Goddess costumes of toga, rope, and masterfully made Greek headbands.

A new age Medusa costume also made the cut in this film. Uma Thurman dressed in black leather, and a hair do to scare the faint of heart entered the scene. The snake headdress was very well down with the moving snakes and the deadly stone sight. The Hydra was next on scene for the bad guys with its numerous heads, you might not see this costume on shelves, but if you could make one you’d be a hit at the party. Also among the costumes were Centaurs, Saytars, and of course a magnificent Hades costume. In this film Pierce Brosnan was unlike you have ever seen him before in his half horse, half human form. While not as sexy as he appears in past films, he was definitely making the horse section work. It was a movie for stars as two of televisions known faces also appeared in the film, one being from CSI NY- Melina Kanakaredes. Sean Bean from National Treasure played Zeus. From this review you can see that with the star power, the costumes, and the comedy it was definitely worth a visit for a first day release. Even a local school felt it was worth the education found in the mythological characters.

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