Light Up 2009 with Your Dreamgirls Costume!

Last year Dreamgirls was a huge hit with their reversible sexy costumes, but this year they are providing something a little different, yet still as sexy. For all you women out there in need of a great Halloween costume, now is the time to check out the latest Dreamgirls costume.

You will really feel like you are in the “Pits of Fun”¬ù when you buy the new Dreamgirls costume. The costume is yet another “Devil”¬ù with the horns and pointy tail. It is a dress comprised of a little red skirt and a slinky red body suit. The Devil is in the details with this brilliantly conceived light up skirt. The skirt works off batteries allowing the lights to sparkle throughout the flounced material.

You will be able to flash your way down the street, swinging your black tipped devils tail, while the faux jewel sparkles nestled in the black bow. The Devil horns are sewn on to a black headband. Your legs will be covered in sheer red stockings, ending at mid thigh. Lastly you will need to have some sexy black platform shoes!

The SheDevil is all dressed up with plenty of places to go, but she shouldn’t be alone. The sinners will automatically follow, and the saints are irresistibly drawn to this provocative cutie. Make sure you have The Angels and Demons Costume for your couples costume idea.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful costume at your next costume party or Halloween extravaganza!

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