Last Minute Idea: Sophia Grace Brownlee & Nicki Minaj

Alright, this is a fun one.

If you have missed this, we posted a few weeks ago about Youtube sensation Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin, singing Nicki Minaj in princess costumes!

Thanks for the unbelievable power of the web, the video(s) went viral and caught attention, not only of Ellen DeGeneres who decided to invite the little princesses to her show, but Nicki Minaj who took time out of her busy schedule to surprise the girls!

Watch below:

Why not turning this into a last minute costume idea: Sophia Grace Brownlee & Nicki Minaj

###What you’ll need:

– a girl friend

– a princess dress, tiara and microphone

– the Nicki Minaj wig

– one of the most ridiculous costumes Nicki has ever worn

Make sure to learn some lyrics and have your girl friend (who plays Sophia) screams a lot!

Have fun!

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